The Law of Sowing and Reaping

By: Sam Fife



  In this study we will share with you one of the greatest truths in the Bible and the revelation of one of the mighty laws of the Kingdom of God. This will be a spiritual law of the Kingdom of God. Turn in your Bible to the sixth chapter of Galatians and beginning with the seventh and eighth verses. The Spirit speaks through the apostle Paul and says: Gal 6: 7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

  One of the first things that we would like to show you about this statement of the apostle Paul is that here Paul was speaking to Christians, not to lost people. Paul says to Christians: ďYou will reap what you sow.Ē The Spirit says to Christians, be not deceived into thinking that just because you are saved and have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, and because Christ died to pay for your sins, that we can escape the reaping of what we sow.

  Jesus did not die on the cross to enable us to escape the responsibility of keeping Godís laws. He died on the cross, shed His blood to atone for our sins. To enable us to escape the penalty of Godís law and make us clean vessels so that the Holy Spirit could enter into us and give us the power to keep the law. Jesus did not die on the cross to enable us to escape the results of our sowing. He died to enable us to sow aright and fulfill the law of God.

  Paul says to Christians, ďBe not deceived.Ē Be not deceived into thinking that just because you are Christians you can escape the results of your sowing. Many Christians today are deceived into thinking that because Christ kept the law of God perfectly for us and shed His blood to enable us to escape the penalty of our sins; they are deceived into thinking they can go on sowing wrongly and escape the results of their wrong sowing.

  Paul pleaded with the Christians of his day not to be deceived into this kind of thinking. He made it very clear to Christians: ďWhat ever you sow, that shall you also reap.Ē He made it very clear to Christians in his own church that if you sow to the flesh , you shall of the flesh reap corruption

  It does not make any difference if you are a Christian or any difference if you are saved, or that you are cleansed of past, present and future sins in the eyes of God through the blood of Jesus. Still Paul says, ďIf you sow to the flesh, you shall still reap the results of your sowing.Ē

  In the earth today, there is a theology that says, ďSince Christ died to atone for all our sins then it does not matter whether we sow aright or not. That since God will forgive all the sins that we do, then we do not have to be too concerned about this matter of right sowing.

  Godís simple truth is that even though it is true, Jesusí shed blood enables us to escape any condemnation from God and any penalty of our sins, nevertheless we will still reap the results of our sowing, right here on earth if we go on sowing wrongly.

  This is why Christians still suffer, and are still sick, confused, defeated in their lives. Simply because they have failed to see that though we have accepted the shed blood of Jesus to enable us to escape the penalty of sin, still we will reap the results of our wrong sowing if we go on sowing wrongly. Sowing to the flesh, we will yet of the flesh reap corruption, and that is exactly what is happening in the Christian church today.

  The apostle Paul says by the Spirit, ďBe not deceived, God is not mocked.Ē How foolish we are! How deceived we are! To think that just because we are Christians we can go on breaking Godís divine laws, ignoring Godís divine laws, failing to keep Godís divine laws, and not reap the results of our sowing. Godís Word is His Law. Because God is perfection, His law is perfect and does not break at any point!

  When God speaks a word, it becomes absolute law! It emanates forth from His nature as a divine law. Though God Himself will always forgive us, never hold sin against us through the blood of Jesus, yet it is still true that we can only come to our heaven, and we can only experience the blessings of Godís Kingdom fully, by arising to the point in the Spirit where we are fulfilling those laws perfectly.

  When the law of God says, ďThe conditions of Godís law of f aith must be met, e must believe that it is done before we can receive healing from God. Before a lamed leg is going to be made to walk or a cancer is going to be put away or before anything else is going to be healed. One is very foolish to imagine that Godís law is going to be mocked. God is not going to make some special arrangement by which we can receive Godís blessings without meeting the condition of the law.

  The laws of Godís Kingdom say that you can only attain to the law of faith and walk in the law of faith, by first keeping the lesser laws. You must be full of faith and faithful in the little things, such as walking in love, turning the other cheek, being meek in spirit. One is very foolish to imagine that God is going to be mocked. That He is going to make some special arrangement for them, so that they can attain to the blessings of the law of faith without walking and living in and meeting the conditions of all of Godís lesser laws.

  One would be deceiving himself to imagine that when Godís law requires that we feed upon Godís Word in order to be spiritually strong, to have peace, joy, happiness, that God is going to make some special arrangement for them just because they are Christians, or because the blood has cleansed them. One would be deceived to believe that they can have all these things and be living outside the laws of the Kingdom and the laws of God, without fulfilling the requirements and conditions of it.

  It is true that God will forgive our stumblings and our failures to keep His law perfectly. Never the less, it is also true that in order for us to come to our heaven, the one that He has prepared for us, we must yet come to the place where we are walking and fulfilling Godís law perfectly. Jesus said: Mt 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled .Ē If we at anytime imagine that God is going to do away with His law or make some special arrangement for us, we are deceived.

  This would be mocking Godís law. Godís law cannot be mocked; it must be met ! In faith, we can ask in the name of Jesus and God will answer every one of those prayers. It is also true that only as we walk in and live in the laws of the Spirit, as Jesus taught them, can we come to that kind of faith in which Godís law of faith will enable it to work for us and bring the answer to every prayer.

  This is why Christians pray and they do not receive their answers. This is why they seek to experience the blessings of the higher laws of God: Mt 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. Mr 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils: they shall speak with new tongues; Yet they do not experience these blessings because they skip over the other laws. These lesser laws of the Kingdom of God, which must be walked in . We must walk in these laws so that we may attain the higher things. They imagine that, they can be made ruler over many things, without being faithful in the few things.

  They imagine they can be made rulers over the big promises and the higher things of God without being full of faith in the lesser laws. It cannot be. I see a church full of people, who are not faithful or full of enough faith to even give their tithes to God,

  In this beginning of the walk of faith where God calls upon us to give of our material means as an act of faith, trusting God to provide for our every need and give us back more than we give Him, in that very first step of faith, they cannot be faithful or full of faith. Yet, they hope to experience the blessings of the higher laws, the miracles, healings, all those things, and when they do not, they wonder why. They are not sowing aright, so they cannot expect to reap aright, without sowing aright.

  This brings us to the next point in our text. Scripture continues by saying: Gal 6:8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

  First, let us consider this statement in the broad sense. The truth is that when God made us, He gave us two sides to our beings. There are two parts to our nature; one, we are spirit; the other, we are flesh. The part which is spirit is the ďreal youĒ. The flesh is just the body in which the spirit dwells. The flesh is just the house in which the spirit dwells.

  God made provision for our spirit and He also made provision for our flesh. He gave us physical food to feed the physical flesh part of our being. He gave us spiritual food to feed the spiritual part of our being. His plan was for the spirit to rule over the flesh. His plan was for us to feed our spirit with every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. As He spoke by His Son: ďMan cannot live or haveí life, by natural bread alone, ďbut by every word that proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God.Ē

  He intended for us to sow first to the spirit, and as a result of our sowing to the spirit, the flesh would reap its own blessings. As a result of our sowing to the spirit and to the spiritual things, the power and the g1ory and the blessings in the life of God would be manifested in the physical, in the flesh. But through the workings of the devil and through the fall, this plan of God was reversed and instead of the spirit ruling ever the flesh now the flesh man rules over the spirit. Instead of first seeking the Kingdom of God having all the fleshly, material things come as a result of that being added unto us, man seeks first the fleshly things and neglects his spirit. Ho sows to the flesh and ignores the spirit, and the result of that is corruption.

  We human beings spend all of our times and all of our efforts here on earth sowing to our flesh. Building the things that please the flesh and that satisfy our fleshly desires and cravings. We work our lives away to build the most beautiful houses for ourselves to dwell in, to furnish then with the most lovely furniture to sit down on, to put upon our tables the choicest foods and material, bread that this world has to offer, to satisfy all of its fleshly cravings. We sell out our souls most of the time to satisfy the lustful desires of our flesh.

  How does our flesh repay us? As the years roll by it betrays us. It becomes sick, diseased, wrinkled, old, rotten, corrupted. After a certain number of years of this kind of sowing have passed by, it becomes so corrupted that it is no longer a fit place for our spirits to dwell. Then the spirit must leave this body, which we call physical death, and move into another realm. Either heaven or hell, the choice is ours, we decide by what we spend are lives on.

  This is what happens because men sow to the flesh. They reap corruption. But the Bible also says that if we place the emphasis on sowing to the spirit instead of spending all our time running around providing for the flesh, if we put the greater emphasis on providing forē our spirit, feeding upon Godís Word, communing with God in the Spirit in prayer. Communing with our Heavenly Father and feeding upon Him. Strengthening our spirit and having union with His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is here to giving us the precious revelations and blessing us to hearing His precious voice. We live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, which Jesus says, is our life.

  Then we reap joy, healing, health, and ultimately as we continue to sow to the spirit we reap victory over death so that we come to the place of our glorious translation from this mortal body into the immortal. From this corruptible into the incorruptible. Then we can cry out, ďOh! Death where is thy sting? Oh! Grave what happened to your victory? You no longer have victory over us.Ē

  This is what the Bible is saying to us as Christians, not as lost people, but as Christians. If you sow to the flesh, no matter if you are born again, no matter if you have been converted, no matter if, you have accepted the forgiveness of God through the blood. Still, the Bible says to you, Christians, just as long as you go on sowing to your flesh, you shall just that long, go on reaping corruption.

  There is going to be no marvelous miracle to escaping the result of the reaping. Only when you turn and cease to sow in the flesh and begin to sow to your spirit then will you begin to reap faith, peace, joy, love, healing, health and ultimately eternal victory over the physical corruption of death. In a broad sense this is what the Spirit of God says when He says, ďIf you sow to the spirit you shall of the spirit reap life Not existence! Oh! So many Christians are yet thinking that when the Bible says that Jesus came to give us eternal life He came to give us eternal existence. This is not what it means beloved.

  Everybody has eternal existence. Whether they ever turn to Jesus and follow Him or not. Every human being that God created is going to exist, eternally some place, whether on the physical plane or in the spiritual realm, whether he turns to Christ or not. All will exist eternally either in heaven or in hell whether they get saved or not. So, when the Bible says that Jesus came to give us eternal life, it does not mean eternal existence. Jesus came to give us life, peace, joy, health ( not just healing ) but eternal health, victory over sickness, suffering, death and all those things which make up a part of death.

  So, he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life ever lasting. He that soweth to the flesh will go on reaping corruption. Let us look at this great law of the Kingdom in the specific sense. Notice Paul took a natural law, what we call a law of nature, to illustrate the great spiritual truth that he wants to get over to us.

  Paul did not just do this by accident. He chose the natural law of sowing and reaping to illustrate the great truth to us, because Paul knew that God made natural laws and natural truths as a perfect type of spiritual, laws and truths. Scripture says in Romans 1: 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:. Here we are told that the invisible truths of God have been set before us since the foundation of the world to teach us of the invisible God. He and His ways are seen in the things that are made. Invisible truths are seen in visible things. Or, invisible, spiritual truths or laws of God are set before us in the natural visible laws.

  When God created this world, He made everything that is visible a symbol of spiritual truth. Everything in the natural is a type of that which is spiritual. This is why the Bible uses seed as symbol of the Word of God, water as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, serpent as a symbol of the devil and sowing as a symbol of preaching Word of God. Not just because the Holy Spirit decided at that time that they would make good symbols, but because the Holy Spirit knew, that God created them as symbols of spiritual truths about God and about His Kingdom. Even this law of sowing and reaping which God placed in the earth.

  The natural law of God is a perfect type of Godís spiritual law. It will not break down at any point. It proclaims the truth to us perfectly and exactly. So, when we let the Holy Spirit reveal to us the spiritual truths, the invisible truths which the visible things proclaim, then we see the spiritual laws of God. Just as the natural law of God is irrevocable so is the spiritual law of God irrevocable.

  Let us specifically examine this law of sowing and reaping given to us by the Spirit through Paul. He makes it very clear, one can only reap what they sow. It is not possible to sow one thing and reap something else. It is against the laws of God. No one ever saw a farmer sowing cabbage and reaping corn. It is absolutely impossible. If he sows cabbage seed, he must reap cabbages. If he sows wheat, he will reap wheat. No one ever saw a farmer reaping something different from that which he had sown. No one is ever going to see a Christian reap something different from that which he has sown.

  If he sows only the things of this world, he shall reap only the things if this world. If he spends all of his time sowing efforts to make money, he shall make money, but money will be the only thing he will have. He will not have faith, peace, joy, health or communion with God. He will have money and that is all! He will have money and the things that money can buy. He will not have victory over sin, victory over sickness demons or over fear. He will not have victory over wrinkled diseased corrupted flesh. He will never have victory over death.

  He sowed for money and he reaped money. If he spends all his time to build a big beautiful, physical mansion, he will reap a big, beautiful, physical mansion. But, he will never have the reaping of a spiritual mansion. If he spends all his time sowing to feed his flesh on the things it desires and craves then he will fill his belly with food, he will grow fat and ugly. He will be ruled over by his fleshy appetite, instead of ruling, over his flesh. He will be miserable and unhappy. He will reap those fleshy things that he has sown, but he will not reap strength, beauty, faith, power and peace, joy and eternal life. He will reap exactly what he sows!

  If he sows to his spirit, if he spends much of -his time feeding upon Godís precious Word, his spirit will be fed and he will reap joy in his inner most being. He will reap peace, faith, supernatural power to over come every obstacle, every problem, every mountain, every sickness, ultimately it will overcome death itself.

  If he sows and spends the greater portion of his time feeding his spirit and the spirit of others, he will be seeking to build himself a spiritual mansion. In sowing for a spiritual mansion, he will reap a spiritual mansion. He will reap a glorious spiritual house; he will reap beauty in the spirit and all of the things that are the result of spiritual sowing.

  Now we have impressed that Godí divine, irrevocable law, is that one will reap exactly that which he sows. He will reap to the exact degree of his sowing. To the proportion of the time that we spends sowing to the flesh, he will reap of the flesh corruption. Some people spend a little bit of their time sowing to the spirit and a greater time sowing to the flesh. They reap more corruption than they do life of the Spirit.

  The law is perfect, it will not break down at any point. The reaping is exactly to the degree of the sowing. You see Christians who reap a little bit of the blessings from the Kingdom of God, but only a little bit, this is why! That is because they only sow a little bit to the spirit and a great portion to the flesh and to the world. He that will save his life shall lose it, but he that will lose his life of this world shall gain the life of the spirit, eternal life. To the exact degree that he loses the life of the world, the fleshy, he will gain the spiritual.

  The next point of this divine law of God that we want to see is that one must one must sow in order to reap . No one ever saw a farmer go out into the field and harvest corn where he had not sown corn seed. This is the great problem with Christianity to day. They would like to. reap but they donít want to do any sowing. The church would like to reap an harvest souls, but they donít want to labor in the sowing of seed of Godís Word. Christians would like to see their churches filled with souls that they have won to Christ, but they do not want to sow their prayers, their witnessing and their teachings of Godís Word. They like to reap without sowing.

  Christians would like to reap healing for their bodies, but they do not want to sow the studying of Godís Word or the time to feeding upon the Word of God. The Word who alone can make them strong and then they can have the faith to bring forth the victory. They do not want to sow the time that in prayer and in communion with God to send out spiritual faith. That is what calls forth the power of God; it is through prayer and seeking Him. That which builds them up to the point of faith so that they can receive their healing and increase their faith.

  They would like to reap miracles, but they donít want to sow prayer and faith and communion with God and the effort of feeding upon Godís Word. That is what can build then up and enable then to grow to the point of faith where they can bring forth miracles. They simply want to run to some preacher or evangelist whom they think has some kind of special power and they want to reap a healing without any sowing whatsoever.

  Tragedy, tragedy, it shall never be. When one goes to the evangelistic tent and they see one or two miracles in a two-week campaign, they have not seen those one or two miracles because the evangelist has some special power or because some special power was there. They saw one or two miracles because someone happened to come in who had been sowing. Sowing faith, seeking Godís truth and as that personís sowing and the evangelistís sowing were joined together the power of God came forth and there was a reaping of a miracle.

  There is no reaping without sowing beloved. This is Godís divine law and you can settle upon it. If we want to reap faith, we must sow, feeding upon Godís Word. If we want to reap spiritual power then we must eat of that which is given to us to make .our spirit strong and to give us spiritual strength. The Word of God must be eaten as the minister feeds it to us. We must eat it as the Bible is set before us and as we pour over Godís Word. We must eat of it when we are on our knees, before God and the Spirit will speak to us those precious words which feed our souls.

  We must sow those things if we would reap a harvest of victory. There cannot be reaping, beloved without there first be sowing. It is a frustrating treadmill of foolishness for Christians to go on vain imagining. Believing they are going to reap revival in the earth, or a great harvest of souls. harvest of healing, of health, of victory over death, of the Kingdom of God coning in, to imagine that Jesus is going to come and bring forth some great and mighty harvest without the sowing of the Body of Christ in the earth, without us sowing that is never going to be.

  The next point that we want to see is that after the seeds are sown, after a farmer goes out and sows his seeds, the seeds must be watered. They must be cultivated in order to bring forth a harvest. Because there are thorns and thistles in the earth, through the fall a curse came upon the earth, there are weeds and those things that would come up around the farmers plants and choke then out. The farmer must water and cultivate his seeds in order for the harvest to cone.

  Beloved, when we sow seeds of prayer for healing, those seeds must be watered after we have prayed the prayer of faith. They must be watered by our communion with the Spirit of God, through faith. That divine river of life that flows into our beings, so that our faith remains high. There is a curse upon the earth, there are thorns and thistles and they must be weeded out of us. There are demons and devils of the demoniac kingdom that try to move in seeking always to destroy our faith. Seeking to make us doubt in our hearts what Jesus said: ďWhosoever will say to the mountain be moved, and doubt not in his heart that which he said, it shall come to pass.Ē

  Through the curse that is on the earth and the demons that will be sweeping in to make us doubt in our hearts, we must continue to water the seed with the prayer of faith that we have planted. By drinking of the divine river of life, communing with God and keeping faith strong. We must cultivate that seed by keeping all the thorns and the weeds out, buy not allowing ourselves to be influenced by the many voices around us. To the unbelieving skeptics and religious teachers who would turn us away from our faith and the thousands of thistles that would rise up around us and choke out our harvest.

  We must weed out all those things in our lives. We must separate ourselves unto the Spirit of God. We must water, cultivate until the harvest is brought forth or our prayer answered. When we sow the seed of the Word of God in a lost personís heart, we must pray for them, seek to watch over them, water the seed that we have planted with our prayers, in love, fellowship, seeking always to overcome the lies that the demons would plant in their minds and hearts. Guarding against the lies others would plant in their minds and hearts. We must seek to feed that young babe in Christ, to water that which we have done, teaching then more of the Word of God and helping then to grow up into a harvest of a nature Christian, a son of God, a mature son of God.

  As we sow our seeds in prayer and faith and witnessing, we must water and cultivate those seeds to be sure the harvest comes forth. Then also we must be willing to allow a period of time for the harvest to cone forth. No farmer ever planted corn today and expected to reap the harvest today or tomorrow. He knows that there must be a period of time for the seed to germinate, for life to come forth. Time for the young plant to spring out of the ground and grow up and bring forth its fruit. This is the problem with so many Christians today. They expect to reap a harvest today. They are not willing to go on believing God. To continue to water the seed until the healing comes forth and the reaping of the harvest of answered prayer comes.

  When we witness to others, we do not understand sometimes that when we plant seed in somebodyís heart just because we do not lead that person to Christ right away does not mean that the seed has not been planted. Just because we do not reap the harvest, right then does not mean that the seed will not germinate and come forth in the harvest of a soul. We should be continually sowing, knowing that in Godís time, God will bring forth the harvest.

  We should sow seeds of prayer and faith for our healings and our needs. We should sow with absolute confidence that in Godís time, God will bring forth the harvest. The, scriptures make it very clear, God is able to supersede and overrule even His own laws, both physical and spiritual and that at times He will bring forth miracle in an instant. It is true and it is revealed to us that if the Spirit of God. leads, one is able to sow the seed of prayer and in a moment God overrules the law of growth which He has planted in the natural and in the Spirit and supersedes these laws and performs a miracle. He did this for Peter when Peter walked on the water or when He brought forth countless miracles of healing.

  If God does not choose to bring forth the harvest of our plantings instantly and miraculously by superseding His own laws of sowing and reaping and of growth, we can be absolutely certain that the harvest will come if we sow the seed of prayer and faith and continue to water and cultivate that seed until the harvest comes.

  Then we would like to point out this glorious fact to you. After all, God gives the increase . The farmer can plant the seed, water, cultivate, keep the weeds out, and he can walk in all of Godís divine laws of sowing and reaping but the one thing he cannot do is give life to the plant. The one, thing he cannot do is bring forth the fruit. God alone can create the fruit miraculously. Science has been trying to study how a plant has life and produces fruit, but they can never discover the secret of life. They will discover many secrets of the laws of God by which life is given, but they will never discover the secret of life itself..

  The power of creating life remains in our God. We can sow and plant, cultivate, but God will give the healing, God will give the miracle, the answered prayer, the life.

  The last great point is that God is unchangeable . His law is unchangeable. He says: ď Mal 3:6 For I am the LORD,I change not; Ē If we sow the seed, water it, cultivate it, we can with absolute assurance and we must with absolute assurance know that the harvest will come forth. The problem with us today is that too much of the time we are concerned about the harvest rather than being about sowing, planting, watering, cultivating. We just want to reap the harvest. We feel that it is up to us to bring the harvest.

  We look at ourselves and sometimes the devil convinces us that since it is up to us we could not ever possibly reap the harvest of the healing of a cancer, or of a deliverance from demons, or of blind eyes opened, or deaf ears unstopped, yea even of a limb restored and the harvest of death completely overcome. Only because we have not yet seen the glorious truth that the harvest depends upon God. It cones from God.

  Our business is the sowing, watering and cultivating. If we sow, we donít have to be concerned about the harvest. The harvest will come forth of itself by the supernatural power of God .

  When I was young in the ministry of Jesus Christ, I carried the heavy burden on my shou1ders, continually of feeling that I had to bring forth the harvest. Then when I was called into the healing ministry I carried the heavy burden of feeling that I had to bring forth the healing. I was weighed down so much under the burden. Most of the time I spent more time trying to harvest than I did sowing, watering, cultivating. Until God made it real to me that the harvest would come forth of itself. That He would give the, increase. ďMatthew 6 : 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

   Psalms 126: 6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him DOUBTLESS come again rejoicing. ďBlessed are those that sow beside all waters.Ē My job is to sow the word, to sow prayer, to sow faith and water it with communion with the Spirit of God. Then the harvest is bound to come forth of it self.

  The harvest of your healing, the harvest of your deliverance is bound to come forth.

  We close this study by saying, dear Christians, the great need in the church today is for men to stop running around trying to reap the harvest of souls and of healing and of deliverance with the carnal efforts of works all the time. The great need for Christians is to get down on their knees and begin to sow the spiritual seed of prayer and faith toward God.

  The great need is to pray that God sends forth laborers into the harvest. To send forth healing power, His healing into the church of Jesus Christ. When enough prayers mount up to God, enough of that the seed is being sown and watered. Then there will come a great outpouring of the Spirit of God in all the earth. That great last day outpouring that the prophets have prophesied about since time began. That mighty latter rain which the scripture says must come forth.

  What God is seeking to do in the church is not to bring forth a bunch of runners, but some pray-ers. Not to put men in high positions of organizations, but to put them in a low positions, on their knees . To break a bunch of Christians until they believe in the spiritual power of God.

  God is looking for Christians who can stay in the Spirit and sow the seed of prayer and faith toward God until the mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God does come upon the earth. Until, ďthe perfect body of Christ,Ē comes forth and defeats sickness, suffering, and eyen death. Until death has no more sting and the grave has no more victory.

  May God make it real to our hearts, In Jesus Name.


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