This So Great Salvation

Brother Buddy Cobb at Lubbock Convention

December 29, 2008


Open your Bibles to Matthew, chapter 24. Because the way the Spirit was moving here in prophecy, you can tell that God is getting serious with us—that is, it's like the final warning. One of the things the disciples were interested in knowing was what Jesus alone could explain to them and we see this in:


Matt. 24 Verse 1 says, 'And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and the disciples came to Him for to shew Him the buildings of the temple.'


So this was something now that God was orchestrating.


(Verse 2) 'And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? Verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another,'


What is He saying? Know ye not that ye are the temple of God? Know ye not that ye are just stones? And that God is able, with these stones, to raise up seed unto Abraham? During this time of this New Testament age, which is a front-running time—before the Kingdom comes—because all this time we've been praying, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done". God says there's no building that's going to last. In the last days, there's going to come a great falling away, not a great gathering of stones. And the question that Jesus has in His own mind is, would there be any in the faith when He comes? So, we're in a time when things are going to be now happening according to how Jesus described it would be when the Son of man comes back. If there's a question in His mind, "Will there be any in the faith?", shouldn't there be a question in our mind? Will we be found in the faith?


The characteristic of the whole of this age, is darkness. Darkness upon the earth and gross darkness upon the people of God. The ones that are most deceived are the people of God. What is it that puts you in gross darkness? The people, who are in darkness, know they are in darkness—they know they don't know. So, what is it that puts you in gross darkness? It's when you think you know, but what you know is not really the truth.


Now, I want you to get a hold of this. If you want to get things right, you have to get hold of this principle—this understanding—that's why it says ‘in all thy getting, get understanding’. If you really know the truth—right now—here's what you know: I don't know . I don't know anything, as I ought to know it. And I don't know anybody else that knows any more than me, except Jesus. So, the ones who are going to get the reward are those who recognize that they don't know. Do you know you're saved? Well, if you know you're saved, guess what? You are deceived because salvation hasn't fully come, yet. It's only going to be revealed in the last days. Nobody has ever seen it, yet. It hasn't been revealed, yet. So, who are the most deceived people of the world? Those who think they're saved. And they think they're saved based on an experience with God.



Did the Jews see that they were not the children of God, but the children of the devil when Jesus came into the world? They did not see it that way. Why not? They were blind; leaders of the blind. Who is it that gets blind; and who is it that gets their blindness healed? The one who thinks he can see, or the one who knows he can't? Who? So, who gets saved? The one who knows he's saved, or the one who knows he needs to be saved and calls on the name of the Lord?


Have you been born again? Yes. Have you been saved by that experience? No. Now you're in greater jeopardy; you are not in greater security. Is there such a thing as security? Only when you're dead—only when you've ceased from all of your own works and you no longer live. As long as you live, you're in jeopardy.


What salvation is—is getting you out of your life and getting you into another life that is not your life. What are you saved by? His life. Now, in order for you to be in His life, you have to be in His Kingdom—because in that life, you live by every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God. And you can see what man's pursuit is. It is to gain enough knowledge so he can be independent and have his own life. But, you can't live in your own life and be saved. What we have to be saved from, is having a life other than His life, because what you're saved by is—His life.


Now in order to live in His life, you have to live under His authority, because He won't give His life to another. Jesus would never commit Himself to another man because He knew what was in men. What is it that He knew was in men? Well, what He knew was in men, was what was not in men. He knew that it was not in man to know the way to go—that's what He knew was in man.


What is the first thing you have to come to realize, if you're actually going to be saved? It's that you are not saved. When you get connected with Jesus, you are not saved, yet. You now begin the process, if you stay in the program of working out your own salvation. You're not there, yet. So, the great delusion of all of Christendom today is—if you ask, "Brother, are you saved?" What do they say? "Oh, yeah." That's the great delusion. What do they base that upon? "Well, I've been born again and my born again experience guarantees that I am saved." No, no. You're born again experience brought you out of death—that is, you were not living in God. You were not living in His life, you were living in your own life, so you were dead while you were living. And your born again experience put another life in you—it was Christ that was birthed in you. And you could see that you were just a dead stone.


John the Baptist came along and preached, "Repent, because the Kingdom of God is at hand", and he sees the scribes and the Pharisees coming. They were the only people in the world that were in a covenant relationship with God—who thought they were the legitimate children of God and they said to Jesus, "We be not born of fornication; God is our Father." They thought God was their Father. What gave them that impression? Well, it was based on their history of God dealing with them and doing things for them. They were the only people separated unto God—the only people in the world with a covenant relationship with God, but were they children of God or children of the devil? What did Jesus tell them? "Ye are of your father, the devil." Now, how could that be? How could you be in a covenant relationship with God—the only people in the world that's in a covenant relationship with God—and still be of the devil? Well, it's because God wanted you to see that even though you've come into a covenant relationship with Him, you can't cease being the children of the devil if you're still trying to improve your life.


Well, what did they accept the law for? Why did they choose the law rather than the Spirit? Why did they choose His word, but not Him ? Because God wanted to use them as an example to us upon who the ends of the age have come—that we could see the error that they would make—thinking that if I live according to the word of God, what the Bible teaches—then I'm saved—I'm God's people—I'm good—I'm a good man. God wanted us to see, ‘No, you can have my word—coming through another person; but, here's what it will do for you. What it will do for you is, it'll give you the form of godliness, but it won't give you the power.’ You see, what we're going to see come—that the world has never seen, yet—is the Kingdom coming with great power. Can you be in the form? Yes, you have all the stones built up into a nice temple, a beautiful temple. Look at the temple! Look at these great stones! Jesus said, "I'll tell you that not one of these stones will be connected when I get here; because I'm going to shake heaven and earth and everything that can be moved will be removed.”


So what is coming at the end of the age is a great calamity; a great falling away in the last days. There'll come a great falling away and the love of many will wax cold. There'll come a great falling away; so much so that He asks, “Would He find any in the faith when He returns?” So, you can't fall away, unless you were there. And, the whole doctrines of the church—or the doctrines of security—are saying, "Once there; always there." No, no. No, this has to be proven in a people that have a choice; not a people that don't have any choice. If you were saved by your born again experience, you would have never had a choice to choose it; because you don't first choose God; He first chooses you! The Jews didn't choose God; God chose the Jews and brought them to Himself on eagle's wings and then He propositioned them to be His people and told them the condition—if they would obey His voice.


He just had demonstrated what happens if you don't obey His voice with Pharaoh. He uses Pharaoh to also teach us. All the things that have happened in the former times, happened for our example upon whom the end of the age has come. So what did God do with Pharaoh who said, "Who is God that I should obey His voice?" Because if you don't submit to God, if you're not coming under the authority of God—what you're saying to God and what we all are saying to God, if we're there by our action is, "Who are You, that I should obey You?" We want to maintain sovereignty over our own life. And so what you're really trying to do is save your life and make something of it.


But the program that God's got going, is for you to lose your life and everything you've made of it. You have to suffer the loss of all things. This is why the way is so narrow and the gate so strait and so few people will find it right now; up front. More will find it later. Everybody's coming into the Kingdom of God later; whether they like it or not. His Kingdom is coming and His will is going to be done on earth, the same as it is in heaven. What He's doing, is giving us a chance to volunteer to come in first, before He brings the iron rod rule and brings you in anyway. That iron rod rule however, is not going to last forever. That's just going to be God bringing all of creation into His Kingdom.


Now, the gospel of your salvation is not what was being preached up front. The front-running gospel was the gospel of the Kingdom. The reason it's the front-running gospel, is because if you don't get a hold of that gospel, forget about your salvation. Nobody is going to be saved eternally outside of the Kingdom of God; you're going to be eternally damned—you're going to be eternally separated from God, otherwise.


The issue is not what you believe. And the issue is not how you're living your life—the issue is—are you still living in your life. God says that no matter what form you're living it in—whether circumcised or uncircumcised—it profits nothing; because your life has a beginning and your life has an end. Only His life has no beginning and no end. So, you can't be in His life, out from under His government. The reason for that is—He's the head and we're only the body. If you really have an understanding (it says in all your getting, get understanding) if you really have an understanding, His Kingdom is coming.


How many of you really believe His Kingdom is coming? The first time the Kingdom actually showed up was in Adam. But Adam didn't stay in the Kingdom—he walked right out. This is another key part of this whole thing. To live in the Kingdom, you have to live in the Spirit of God. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty; so you can always go out. God wanted you to see this. He even wanted you to have the experience of going in and out—and going in and out. Why? Well, so you could see the difference between living in the Kingdom and living outside of the Kingdom.


Now, in the Kingdom, who is the King? He is. Out of the Kingdom, who is the King? I am. In the Kingdom, who is the servant? We are. Outside the Kingdom, who is the servant? God is. So I tell God what to do. I tell God who to heal; what to fix; how to fix it. So where would you rather be? In charge or enslaved? Come on, be honest with me--which would you rather be—in charge or enslaved?


Well, to make an intelligent decision there, you need to know the alternatives. So, what happens when I'm in charge and what happens when I'm enslaved? God gives us a chance to be kings and priests. Now, priests are servants—but kings rule. Priests serve the king. Which would you rather be, the king or the servant? Well, if you'd rather be the king, then there's competition for who's going to be the king.


One of the things I've noticed in the house of servants; there's no competition, except for who's going to be the greatest servant. You want to be great no matter where you are, you know. In the house of servants, it's safer than in the house of kings; because, in the house of servants, you're ambition is to be the greatest servant—but in the house of kings, you're ambition is to be the greatest in power. What would people go for? To be the greatest power or to be the greatest servant? Well, because of our nature (by nature, you are programmed this way) all do what they do by nature and all seek their own.


So, everybody wants to be seen as one up above the rest. Everybody wants to be number one. It works in the animal kingdom. You put 10 bulls in a pen and one of them is going to establish dominance. You put 10 roosters in the chicken pen and one of those roosters is going to establish dominance. You put 10 people together in a community and one of them is going to establish dominance. That's what you do by nature and you can't act contrary to your nature. Your nature determines your action. We’re, by nature, children of disobedience. So when you do something contrary to your own nature, you have somebody else ruling over you.


What God is doing, requires it to be done contrary to our nature. Contrary to nature, we're grafted into a good olive tree and we're wild olive branches. What do you think happens in a community when you get a bunch of wild olive branches together? Things run wild--there's envy, strife, and division.


If there's actually going to come peace on earth and good will toward men, could it ever happen under another king other than the King of kings—who alone is the Prince of Peace? If it's not peace, what is it? War. And the warring is not just between one person and another, but the warring is in your own members . If you say, "Well, I can't stand these people, I'm going to get alone." Then you go into some of the type of religious practices where people isolate themselves. Guess what? They're still in the warfare. You take it with you wherever you go. God has it set up this way. There's no discharge in this war and you're in it whether you like it or not. I didn't go to war because I liked it. I went to war and the only option was what branch of the service I was going to serve in. I didn't have the option of whether I was going to serve.


God's running a program like that, too. During the millennial reign, nobody is going to have an option as to who they are going to serve. He’s going to be God over all, through all, and in all during the Millennial reign. That's whether you like it or not—that's an iron rod rule. It'll only last a thousand years and then we'll come into the everlasting Kingdom.


He's going to have a coming of the Kingdom temporarily before He has a coming of the Kingdom forever. The reason for the temporary Kingdom is to bring every soul out of darkness and into light because God is not willing that any should perish. They have already had their exercise in the darkness to know what that is. But in order to really know what it is, they have to come into light, because light is that which doth make it manifest. Then in the light, they can see the difference between light and darkness. Then God gives them the choice at the end of the Millennial reign. By releasing Satan, (who is the power of darkness—who is in everlasting chains of darkness—because he'll always be in the darkness) you are given an opportunity to join him out in the darkness, if you so choose.


There's an advantage to being with Satan; that's why most people have identified Satan as god. Did the Jews identify Satan as god? Did they think they were worshipping God and they were actually worshipping Satan? Did they think God was their Father, when actually, Satan was their father? Could Jesus tell them different? He told them, but could they hear it? No, they couldn't hear it. They said, " You're the deceiver! We be not born of fornication; we're legitimate."


What do you feel today? Do you think you're legitimate? You're not there, yet. No, you're not there, yet. Did they have a chance to receive Jesus when He came into the world? Did He come to the Jew first? Then who would be the first to reject Him?


The Lord hasn't come to everybody, yet. He's now come to you. If you've had a born again experience, He's come to you. Does that mean you've received Him as your Lord? No. He didn't even ask you about it, did He? He just did it. You didn’t choose Him; He chose you. Now the question is, will you choose Him? Choose you this day whom you will serve. You don't have that choice today? Is it all over? If you're eternally saved, it's over--you don't have that choice anymore—You've done exercised it and it's all over. But, could you make the choice today and then change your mind tomorrow? Sure you can. Can you go in and out? Yes, you can, right now. Why wouldn't God just bring you in and lock the door? Because He's never going to lock the door—if you go look at the Kingdom in it's perfect state, the gates are never shut.


There's no community that's ever had a shut gate, that I know of, in our midst. You can leave at anytime. People say, "Well, I can't get away; I don't have any money." You have to have money to get away? No, you can just walk out. "Well, if I walk out and don't have any money, how am I going to live?"—because they think their life consists of their possessions and what money can buy. Very false concept; you don't live by money alone. How do you live? Can you actually have life and have no money? Yes. Can you actually have life and not own anything ? Yes, has that been proven or not? That's what God wants you to discover--your life doesn't consist of your possessions! It consists of a relationship with Him and if you have a relationship with Him, will you die from a lack of provision? No, He said you'll never see His children begging for bread. They might complain because they don't get as much as they want or the kind that they want.


The whole purpose of God is to see if you can be content with godliness, because godliness with contentment is great gain. Can you just be content with what He provides? Can you not get puffed up and say, "Look what great things I've done" when He starts blessing you with provision?—because He's going to test you in poverty and riches. So, Paul would say, "I know how to be abased and I know how to abound." He's going to test you both ways. He's going to suffer you to hunger. Did he suffer the children to hunger out in the wilderness? Yes. Why? To show them that they don't live by bread alone.


You see, the truth is stranger than fiction. The gospel that is preached and perpetrated in the world—it's totally fiction—it's vain imagination—it’s not reality. What is known as the Christian religion is in great competition with Disney World and so it's all about entertainment, and all about making you feel good when you ought to be crying about your condition. And so, blessed are those that laugh now—no, blessed are those that weep now, over your condition. Blessed are those that are full now—no, blessed are those that hunger and thirst now; they shall be filled.


The way of the wicked is always upside down. The most grossly wicked people who were in the church crucified all the righteous ones. All the blood of the martyrs is in the church beginning with Jesus. The Jews were the church when Jesus came. They were called "The Church in the Wilderness". A “church” is a people who’ve been called out by God—they called them "ecclesia". The word "church" in the original is "ecclesia" and it means "called out one"—separated out to be a people of God.


There was nobody in greater darkness when Jesus came into the world, than the church. And the light shined in the darkness and they didn't get it. The darkness comprehended it not. This is why the whole thing is a mystery. It's called the mystery of godliness. The mystery of iniquity. The whole thing is a mystery. There's one thing about a mystery; it keeps you in suspense until you get to the end, where the mystery is unveiled. To live godly is a mystery. To live in iniquity is a mystery. And it has to be unveiled to be revealed—there is nothing hid but that it is going to be revealed.


Let me get to this, I don't want to take too long here this morning because I'm not up here to preach, I'm just up here to focus you on the prophecies that you were listening to this morning because that was a pure river of water of life flowing right out of the bellies of people. You've already had a plural ministry this morning—the voice of many waters speaking, but it was the truth coming through them all. And you can see it's the seriousness of the hour that we're in, by the prophecies that you heard. God is sounding a last call here, to a people to come out of the deceptions of religion and get to start worshipping God in the only way He will accept worship—the only way that is appropriate to worship Him—the way He desires to be worshipped—in Spirit and in Truth. That's the focus—the truth.


You know what I found is--to get people in the Spirit; they have to be in the truth—because, if you don't have a love of the truth, God sends strong delusion that you would believe a lie. What's the strong delusion? "I'm saved! Praise God! I've got it made! When Jesus comes to earth, it’s going to be wonderful?" Oh, yes? Wait and see.


The Day of the Lord is called "great" on the one hand and "terrible" on the other. Why? Because there will be no more mercy . Every man's going to be cut off right where he is—he that is holy, let him be holy still; he that's unrighteous, let him be unrighteous still. It'll be too late to change your status. Now you're going to receive your judgment without mercy.


Fortunately, the judgment that's coming is not eternal; it's a temporal judgment. Just like the judgments that have come already; they've all been temporal judgments. There have not been eternal judgments; nothing has been settled eternally, yet. The next judgment that comes after this one will be eternal—the great white throne judgment of God. God is doing this to give every man a final chance, because right now when He comes back, how many does He expect to find in the faith? Few.


Now there's already those that have died in faith, and we know that there is going to be a company of people that are alive and remain until He comes because the Bible lays that out in the plan of God--He's planned that. There's going to be a company that's alive and remain when He comes. There's going to be those who are asleep already; who are dead—physically dead, but not spiritually dead. Those who died in faith; like Enoch was taken without seeing death. Well, what it means when it says that he was taken without seeing death; it doesn't mean that he didn't die physically, because in the book of Hebrews, it said he did die physically, "all these died in faith". But, what it does mean is this; it means his soul didn't die. Jesus could say to the Jews, "God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” God is not the God of the dead. It says, ‘He's the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, these men are not dead as you supposed.’ Well, why did they suppose they were dead? Because they died physically. But, it's one thing to die physically; it's another thing to die spiritually. Spiritual death is the death of the soul. ‘The soul that sinneth it will surely die.’


And so, you can die in faith; your soul is still alive, but your body is gone. This body is temporal; that's why the last act of redemption is to get another body—aren't you glad God has another one for us? Have you noticed that this one is wearing out with the using? Yes! Now, if you became a disembodied soul, you would have all the lusts, appetites, and desires that you currently carry, but no body by which to fulfill it. Everyone wants a body. God wants a body, the demons want a body, the angels want a body, and you want a body. Why do you want the body? So you can live your life in it and have a means to satisfy your appetites and desires. Why does God want a body? The body is the supreme thing to have here. A spirit without a body, has no rest; there's no way to fulfill itself. We can see that the primary thing here is the body. What do the demons want? The body. Since we have the body, they want your body. In order to get your body, they have to get you. In order to get you, they have to deceive you into believing that it's you and not them.


When God comes along, He doesn't want to deceive you; He says, "If I'm going to be here, it's going to be Me and not you!" No longer I that live, but Christ. When the demons come along—they're deceptive because they're in darkness—they say, "It's all about you. It's what you want. It's your life. Come on; let's go have a party together! Just do what comes naturally, there's nothing wrong with what comes naturally, is there? If it feels good, do it!" Why would the demons come with that kind of message? You see, what the devil offered them was to become independent of God, but did not reveal to them, they could only do that by coming under his authority. Because if you're not serving righteousness, you are serving the devil. If you're not the children of God, you are the children of the devil. Now the fact that you've been born again, that means you're never going to serve the devil again, right? Well, you don't ever see it as serving the devil. Satan doesn't come and say, "You need to serve me, you'd be better off under my government." No, Satan says, "What you need to do, is get enough intelligence from another source other than God, because as long as you go to God for your intelligence, you're going to be subject to God! And, if you want to be free from being under a God that'll take you in a way that you don't want to go—that'll cost you more than you want to pay and keep you longer than you want to stay—because it's eternal. If you want liberty, pursue liberty. Are you ever going to be happy if you don't have liberty? If you're in bondage, are you going to be happy in bondage? Won't you be happier, if you are free?"


But, the truth is, there is no such thing as freedom—period. With freedom comes captivity. With freedom comes bond-slavery, because you're not in the realm of being in control—God is and the angels are. You are the low man on the totem pole. If you're not under the government of one, you are under the government of the other. But, under the government of God—because there is light—you really see what you're doing and what it is all about. Under the other government of Lucifer, he's the power of darkness and you don't see it. You don't see what's really going on. All the evil you've ever got into, you did not invent—God created it. God created it! What did he create that was evil? You! You! And, if you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children....


Here's where I got in a lot of trouble because when Jesus came into the world and the Bible says He was made in all points as we are; then how was He here in this world—good or evil? When somebody came up to Him and said, "Good master" He said, "Hold it! Hold it right there—got to make a little correction here; there's none good, but God." Well, if He wasn't good, then what was He? He said to either make the good tree good and the fruit good—or make the tree, what? Evil. Well, did Jesus do any evil? No, because He never did anything of Himself. If He did something of Himself, what would it have been? Evil! Because to do evil, He knew; but to do good, He did not know. So, who's teaching did He stay under? "I only do what My Father teaches Me to do; I only say what My Father teaches Me to say." But why did the Father have to teach Him, if He was good? Why would you have to be taught, if you were good?


How many see yourself as totally evil? How many of you see yourself as somewhat good? Listen, when I first came to God, I said to God, "You know, God, if You just weighed me in the balance, I'm sure my good would outweigh my bad. I know I've been bad at certain times, but Lord, I've been good more than I've been bad; so, if you just weigh me in the balance I'm sure you'd find there's more good in me than bad." I've never thrown anything away that I thought still had some good in it and I thought I was reasoning with God here, you know! The Lord spoke very clear to me; He said, "Look, you either make the tree good and its fruit good; or make it corrupt and its fruit evil." Because how much leaven does it take? In God there is no evil and in man there is no good. Paul said, "I know that in me--in my flesh—is no good thing." Was there anything good in Jesus' flesh? No. So, in the days of His flesh, did He ever walk after the flesh? No. He delivered the flesh all the way to the cross; showing that He was one with God, because they that are of God have crucified the flesh and no man took His life--He laid it down, willingly. Now folks, this is what this is all about.


God wants a people worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth—not in vain imagination; that's what happened to man to begin with—he became vain in his imagination and professing himself to be wise, he departed from the course and God's going to prove him to be a fool. There's nobody fooled more about that than the religious people who believe they're saved. Did Paul believe that he was saved after he was born again? After his tremendous experience on the road to Damascus, did he believe he was saved? No, he didn't believe he was saved. After 40 years in the ministry, did he believe he was saved? No, he was still pressing toward the mark. When he got to the end, then the trial of his faith was successfully passed and he could say, "Hallelujah! I've kept the faith!" Now, what does it mean if you keep the faith? It doesn't mean that you believe the truth about Jesus or the truth about God; that's not keeping the faith. What is keeping the faith? Faith comes by hearing—it's under the government of God. What he (Paul) was saying was, "I've succeeded in keeping myself under the government of God."


(At this time Bill Grier came to the pulpit and said, "There is so much supposition, until then—and then he's sure" and then Brother Buddy continued on...) until he (Paul) got there he stood in jeopardy every hour . Now, what the devil wants you to believe is that you're not standing in jeopardy, you're standing in security—you're a born again believer! It's called security of the believer—there are doctrines of security! What's the truth? You've never been in greater jeopardy; you'd be better off if you'd never been born again—if you wanted to stay out of jeopardy. Once you've been born again, now you’re standing in greater jeopardy because to whom is given much, there is going to be much required. Now if you don't succeed in this, you're going to end up being twice dead, plucked up by the roots and totally eliminated from the Kingdom of God forever. So, who would want you to believe that you've already got it made by your born again experience? Who would be there trying to assure you, that you're OK? Who would want to blind you to the fact that you're standing in the greatest jeopardy than you've ever stood in your life? In order to believe that you're secure, you have to believe in a doctrine. But, if you understand that you live by every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God, you understand then the jeopardy that you stand in, because a lot of voices are speaking to you at all times and none of them are without significance.


(Bill Grier stepped up and said, "The greatest prophet who ever walked (referring to Elijah), was troubled after Jezebel had been chasing him—he (Elijah) said, "I'm no better than my father; kill me." Talk about suicide—thank God, He doesn’t listen to us at that stage. God feeds us—Elijah was fed with “angel’s food cake”—he went on and he spun out—in a chariot of fire—the same one that a little while ago said, “I’m no better than my father, I’ll never make it. Kill me.” So, we need to have those things in our heart; knowing that God can accomplish what He's promised and will —if we'll stay with Him. Thank God he hasn't listened to my thoughts or to yours!"


(Buddy continues...) Well, the problem isn't Him listening to us—the problem is, are we listening to Him? Because, every man believes he is right in his own analysis. But, it's not a matter of getting things properly analyzed; it's a matter of hearing the right voice. If you hear the right voice, what He will convince you of is, "You don't know how to analyze anything; you don't know the difference between good and evil—unless I tell you; because what I could tell you is good today, I can tell you is evil tomorrow." Because, there's nothing evil of itself. So, who determines what's evil and what's good? And, when is it evil and when is it good? Well, it's according to what He says about it— now. What He said about things in the law were to be forbidden and when He spoke directly to them, He said, "Eat it and don't you call evil, what I call good." God is God because He calls it. This is why people want to get out from under God so they can be their own god and call it for themselves; then it can be whatever you say it is; and you'll base your discernment on how it taste; how it feels; and how it pleases you. Every man's way is right in his own eyes. But, there is no man's way that lines up with God's because God says, "My ways are not your ways." There's no man's thoughts that are lined up with God's so He says, "My thoughts are not your thoughts."


Now there are two principle gospels that are referred to in scripture: one is called the gospel of grace; there's another one called the gospel of your salvation. The greatest of all these gospels—the one that's going to be enduring to the end—is the gospel of the Kingdom. This gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached unto all nations and then shall the end come. Christianity has become popular in the world—at least to a lot of people, especially in the United States.


And it says this in Matthew 24:9, 'Then shall they deliver you to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations...'


Is that what you heard in the gospel? This is what Jesus was telling them, "If you become my disciples, this is going to be your experience."


Back to verse 9 ''ll be hated of all nations for my name's sake.'


Why would God have us tested under such circumstances? Well, to see if we're after a relationship with Him or are we trying to save ourself? Are we after His salvation or our salvation? What are you after?


(Verse 9 & 10 cont.) ''ll be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.’


You see, when people see that kind of testing and proving coming, a lot of people don't want any part of that. So for the fear of losing their life, they will draw back; and God says, "My soul has no pleasure in them that draw back." They'll even hate one another. We've had people walk away hating us; that were formerly brothers and they really hate us. We had a girl come on the platform—a sister who was raised in one of the communities at Shepherd's Inn a couple of conventions back—and read us the "riot act". I mean she hated us and if she'd had a sword, she'd probably taken all our heads off. Do you ever see people walk away bitter? That's the hatred.


(Verse 11) 'And many false prophets shall rise,...'


How many of you know that the characteristic of the end of this age is—false prophets everywhere? He didn't say a few false prophets will arise; He said, what? Many. There's one after another—next new wave—next new wave—next new wave. While in the Kingdom, all things become new; in the earth, there's nothing new. What has been, will be; what is, has been already. There's nothing new under the sun; and everybody's running around looking for some new thing! But it's the same old thing—false prophets everywhere.


How would you know that you are under a false prophet? You'd believe them, and you'd believe what they say, and you'd line up and say, "That's what I believe." How would you know if you're under a true one (prophet)? The true one says, "I don't want you to believe a thing I'm saying, unless the Lord makes it real to you." So, in the one, they're trying to draw the disciples off to themselves. And the other, they're only trying to get you to be a disciple of the Lord. They're joining you to the Lord, not to them.


Now the devil likes—right away—to get in the act here; because, he's not concerned about the ones who are under his authority. He's only concerned and makes war with those who are walking with Jesus, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Christ. That's the ones he's making war with. And the ones he's making war with—his war is a war of words—it's to put the pressure on you; even by martyrdom; even by torture—to put the pressure on you; to get you to deny the faith; deny the truth. Why does God allow that? To see if you will. Paul could list 26 things—stonings, beatings, and prison—the normal Christian life. No, no, this is not the normal Christian life, this is the normal disciple's life. Christianity can be respected in the world; by some at least. But if you get into this (discipleship), nobody respects you; not the Christian church; not anybody! So all the blood of the martyrs are not in the nation; it's in the Christian church. And, the One they are rejecting is not you.


I was perfectly accepted in the Christian church that I was a part of, practically all my life, until Jesus got a hold of me when I was about 36 years old. I was a fair-haired boy in their midst until Jesus showed up and then they said, "You can't stay here. You've departed from our doctrine." You can see they showed me the door. I didn't feel bad because they rejected me; I said, "Well, maybe I'm getting somewhere with the Lord now—that's what happened with Him; He came to His own and His own didn't receive Him. So, it looks like maybe I'm having fellowship with the right One now—Him!" I knew what was going on. As a matter of fact, as soon as I walked out, there was some woman there (she was a fairly rich lady) and she said, "Look, you really have a ministry that I appreciate and I'll build you a church." There's the devil trying to set it up again! Out one door and into the next one! I said, "Thank you ma-am, but I really don't think that's what God is calling me to do—to have a church." I really didn't witness to it. I didn't know what God was calling me to, but I knew it wasn't that.


Later, the Lord really spoke to me when I was praying earnestly about it and He said, "I didn't bring you out, to take you back in. I brought you out to walk with me. If you’re going to walk with Me, you have to go outside of the camps of religion. You can't just go to another camp of religion. You have to come outside the gates of religion and you have to walk with Me. Because it isn't a matter of worshipping Me in some religious form; it's a matter of obeying Me and worshipping Me in Spirit and in Truth; and following Me wheresoever I lead; and it won't be uphill ; you're going to go down before you come up."


There's humility before honor, so Jesus humbled Himself when He found Himself in fashion as a man and He took upon Himself the form of a servant—not a leader—and became obedient unto death. Now, that's going down. He was sown in dishonor and the world hated Him; His own rejected Him; they dishonored Him; that's par for the course. What's on trial here is a trial of our faithfulness to God and is it contingent on all the great things He's going to do for you? All the good things He's going to give you? Or is He going to test you, up front, in suffering the loss of all things? So that you can discover what your life really consists of—that is this life, which is eternal life, does not consist of the abundance of your possessions. How long can you go without food if you're in eternal life? Forever. How long can you go without water if you're in eternal life? Forever! So, it's not a matter of meat and drink. It's a matter of getting a hold of a life that's not supported by meat and drink.


Come on, Saints! Do you realize what we're on the threshold of here? Do you realize what a privileged people we are to sit under this truth that's coming through the voice of many waters? Do you know why there are so few people here? I was asked, over in Spain, about how did I feel about the fact that things were decreasing, as far as numbers were concerned, and I said, "Well, to tell the truth, every time I come to a meeting, I'm not surprised at how few come; I'm surprised by how many come!" I thought, "Hey! There are still some people showing up! How about this!" How many were standing with Jesus in the end? How many were standing with Paul in the end? How many were standing with Apostle John in the end? Well, wouldn't you be surprised if any people showed up? This is a matter of enduring to the end. So the closer to the end you get, the fewer the number of people; and even some that's been disciples in this move have forsaken. How many will He find when He comes? Will He find anybody in the faith? Well, the real question for you and for me is—will He find ME in the faith? Never mind about everybody else; seek YE first! Never mind about anybody else. You already have one to be concerned about—yourself! Seek ye first; you do that. Don't worry about anything else; God's got it all under control. Now the main thing is to get you under control. Seek YE first—the Kingdom.


Now, is there anything that's happening to you that is not the will of God for you? No, nothing! Was Jesus crucified according to the determinate counsel of God? Was He? Did anything happen to Him that should not have happened? Were the Jews at fault? No; it was God in Him—offering Him up.


And look what the Christian churches did in labeling the Jews as the blame, but they (the Jews) did make a mistake; they said, "Let His blood be on our heads and on our children." So, it has been. They've gone through the blood bath of the Nazi's and the blood bath right now—being killed daily.


The Christian church, in this strong delusion, says they are the chosen people of God? No, they're not the chosen. You're chosen in Christ. They've never been there. They've never proven that they've been His sheep at all; because He said, "My sheep hear My voice" and they refused to hear His voice and said, "No man can hear His voice and live." So they're not His chosen people; they're His rejected people; because He said, "You rejected Me; I'll reject you"; and He broke them off. But, that was all part of the plan of God, so you could be grafted in as wild olive branches into the good olive tree—and can they not be grafted in again? When they say, "Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord", they'll see Him again. They haven't been broken off permanently because we have not come to eternal judgment, yet. They can still be saved—but so as by fire. They still have to go through the trial of their faith, which is tried by fire.


This is where it is, folks; we're breaking into reality. What a wonderful thing to break out of a mirage of religion and break into the reality of Spirit and Truth. Now the sun is shining clearly; the light is come; the darkness is being dispelled line upon line, precept upon precept; the shadows are fleeing away; and now, we're looking at reality!


How many of you know that there's no place for ambition in the Kingdom of God? There's only a place for submission in the Kingdom of God—it eliminates all competition. We see who is going to be number one. "Hear, oh Israel, the Lord thy God is one!" Number one. How many more is there beside Him? None. "Beside Me there is no other." How many is there going to be in the end? One. If you come into Him, you're going to be part of one new man . When the world sees a people that are one , they'll know that they are lined up under the One. So, God says, "Be fruitful and multiply." He didn't say, "Add"; because, when you multiply 1 X 1 X 1 X 1, what does it equal? One! But, if you add 1 + 1 + 1 + 1, what do you have now? Well, there's many! And, God takes the many and reduces them to one .


Come on, Saints! This is the most real thing going on in the world! This is what it's all about! And, you have something to murmur and complain about, just because you're suffering a little bit for His name's sake? No—no. You have something to be gratefully thankful for—that He's called you out of darkness into His marvelous light and is making the whole Kingdom of God available unto you, when? When is it? Now! So, when you say, "Thy Kingdom come; thy will be done"; when is it? Now! Today is the day of salvation! Now, is the time you can come into the Kingdom before He closes the door; so now is the acceptable time.


So, we read this:


Verse 9 (Matt. 24)...'Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you:'


Isn't that what you came to Jesus for? Aren't you just thrilled about it—this program? Isn't it wonderful? Blessed are you, if you are faithful unto death and you'll get the crown of life. ...and ye shall be "admired" of all nations? No, you'll be hated of all nations. Why? If God wants everybody to love Jesus, why does He make sure that everybody hates Him to begin with? Well, it's because they're all in deception; they're all in strong delusion; the whole world is under the evil one, not God; His Kingdom is coming .


(Verse 9 & 10 cont.) '...for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended...'


That's why guys walk away; because they get offended—“the word's too hard—we're not winning people anymore—we're losing people—we need a new wave where we'll get more people in, because we know that when the end time comes there's going to come a great harvesting of souls". The Bible says there's going to be a great falling away—so much so, would there be any left in the faith? The love of many is going to wax hotter and hotter when we get to the end? No, it's going to wax colder and colder.


Do you know Jesus is not going to be expecting anybody to be here when He shows up? You know He's not going to be expecting anybody, because He says, "Will He find any?" And if He finds a few; He's going to be excited, "Wow, there's a few left! Ghee, I didn't know if I'd find anybody! My, it's real good to see you!" He's letting us know that nobody knows how many and who—except Him. I don't even believe Jesus knows; He says it's with the Father. I really believe He doesn't know; because He said it's a sin to number and if He knew, He'd have the number.


It's not in His hand; He knows He does not know—that's what you know when you know. They said, "Is this the time You're going to bring the Kingdom in?" Jesus said, "I don't know. That's in the hands of the Father." They said, "Can I sit on Your left and on Your right?" Jesus said, "That's not up to Me to decide; that's up to the Father to decide." How much does He know? How much will you ever know apart from God? Nothing.


The only way that you can know all things is if you're connected to Him—who knows all things and He tells you. That's just like when He asked the prophet, "Can these bones live?" Could they? Well, only if God said, and God doesn't say anything ahead of time. So, you can’t know anything ahead of time; you have to be there to know what He's saying today . You'll only know about the end of the matter, if you follow on to know. I believe that Jesus knows there's a few going to be ready; there's a few going to be there; because He knows the plan. I mean, if the apostles knew that, so did Jesus know that. They knew it by the same way He knew it—by the Spirit of God; because it's the Spirit of God that knows all things; it's the Spirit of God that's the Truth; the Spirit of God is God. God is a Spirit—that's Him. All truth is with God; He's not deposited it anywhere else. So in order to get in on the truth, you have to be taught by God ; otherwise you don't have the light in which to see it—God is light. And when your eye gets single on God, then your whole body gets full of light, so that you can see what is the truth in any given moment of time; because you always have to stay in what is called the present truth, which doesn't come until the present time. So therefore, we live by every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God.


Matt. 24:10 'And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.'


That's right in our own rank. If you understand the program and what it calls for, blessed are you when they speaking evil of you. They came to me about Brother Sam and they were always speaking evil of him and I always encouraged them. I'd say, "Keep talking about him like that; come on, keep it up." They'd say, "What?" I'd say, "Keep it up; keep talking about him like that." They'd say, "What are you talking about?" I'd say, "Well, it says, ‘Blessed are you when men revile you and speak all things evil of you falsely for my name's sake; great is your reward in Heaven’—so what you're doing is increasing his reward in Heaven; keep it up! Keep it up!" Then they'd go find somebody else to talk to.


Verse 11 'And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.'


Who are they going to be deceiving? Those who think they know the truth. You are never so deceived than when you believe you know; and you really don't know. The only ones who can be deceived are the ones who think they know. If you know you don't know, you can't possibly be deceived. To be deceived, you have to believe something. If you know the truth, then there's nothing for us to believe; there's only a voice for us to hear. Faith is not based on believing something. Faith is based on hearing the right voice. The reason you need to hear the Voice is because you don't know! It's not in you to know the way of God because it's not our way.


Then he goes on to say this, (verse 11) 'And many false prophets shall rise and deceive many.'


Boy, that is going on right here at the end of this age, so wonderfully—Toronto, Pensacola—all these things the crowds have run after. Anything you see people traveling across the globe to get to—many will run to and fro in the earth; knowledge will be increased—but will any be in the faith when He returns? Anything that you see people run to—anything that's popular, anything that's not hated—especially by the church—has got to be false; because, if you're in the truth—you're going to be hated; you're going to be rejected. You're going to be despised and the ones who despise you the most—the most evil and the most violence is committed amongst religious people. The Religious War—the 30 Year War—the Crusade—was the bloodiest war that's ever been fought. You know if they'd read the book, they'd never got into that? Because Jesus clearly said, "My Kingdom is not of this world; if it was, we'd take up swords and fight." They all took up swords and fought. If they'd just read the book!


(Back to verse 11) 'And many false prophets shall rise and deceive many.'


So where you have the crowds going, it's false. Because where the truth is—who has believed our report? Is there going to be anybody found in it (the faith) when He comes?


(Verse 12) 'And because iniquity shall abound,'


Now, what's iniquity? This is what's going to be abounding! What's iniquity? Man walking in his own way—all we, like sheep, going astray—and God has laid the iniquity of us all on Him. So where are all the sheep going to be going when Jesus shows up? Astray! Will He find any in the sheepfold when He gets here? All we like sheep have gone astray and iniquity is going to abound. Don't think about it out there in the realm of the heathen; we're talking about it in the realm of the church—the people who have been called to be the people of God—this is where iniquity is going to abound. Because, all seek their own. When you seek your own, whose way do you walk in? Your own way.


This is why if you wake up to the truth, you'll get desperate for God; because you cannot change your status, you can't change one hair of your head, you can't do anything about this, whatsoever. You're going to have to be like the blind man that you heard prophesied about it. You're going to have to know your moment of opportunity. He's passing by and you better take advantage of it while you can.


The whole thing calls for Him to have mercy on you because there is none righteous. The whole thing calls for Him to enable you to see because we've all been born blind. But, Jesus said, "I came to make the blind see." And, we've all been born deaf to the voice of God and He came to make the deaf hear. You can see that those who called on Him and those who cried out for Him --got the benefit. He's the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him! You're not going to diligently seek Him if you think you've got it all made. Unless you get in His light, you really won't see the jeopardy you are standing in! But, if you get into His light, you'll see, like Jesus saw. Did Jesus see that He was standing in jeopardy or security? What's the evidence that He saw He was standing in jeopardy? He cried to the Father with strong crying and tears, who was able to save Him . Did He need to be saved? Yes, He needed to be saved, but not out of sin. He needed to be saved from sin, that He would never go out in it!


Now once you're saved out of sin, the next thing that you need to be saved from is going back into it again. But when you say, "once saved, always saved", then you can't go back in sin again—or if you do go back into sin, sin doesn't matter anymore—it's all by grace now—not works, so whatever you do—doesn't count. That's false doctrine—that's all doctrinal teaching—that's not what it says in the Bible. It says 'as you sow, so shall you reap. If you sow to the flesh, you'll reap corruption'—guaranteed not to inherit incorruption. And, if you sow to the Spirit you'll reap life everlasting—so now it's not going to be based on what Adam did to you, nor what Jesus did for you—it's going to be based on what you do.


Everybody’s going to bear his own burden and has to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling before God. If you think somebody already did it for you, and “Hallelujah, we won!”—based on what He did, then you’re going to sit in the bleachers and never get involved in the game—and unless you get in the warfare, you don’t win. Unless you get in the actual battlefield here—you can’t be a grandstander and win.


You have to run the race and you have to fight the fight and you have to win—or you lose. But you wouldn’t even have an opportunity to get in the battle or the race unless God called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. You wouldn’t even have an opportunity to apprehend this so great salvation, if He hadn’t opened the door of opportunity for you. The fact, that He opened the door, doesn’t mean it’s done; it means now the test is on. Now it’s better that you didn’t know, if you’re not going to do, because now you’re going to be held accountable for what you’ve received.


(Verse 12) ‘And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.’


You have to hate iniquity. This is what Jesus showed in His test; this is what He proved—you can read about it in Hebrews. He loved—what did Jesus love? He loved righteousness. What did He hate? He hated iniquity and that’s how He succeeded; because He hated iniquity and loved righteousness, that’s what was proved in the test. He hated going His own way; He loved going God’s way. How do you know He hated it? He never did it! You separate yourself from what you hate; you hold to what you love. Love is a perfect bond. So, what do you have to learn to hate? Me living my life— my way! If I live my life, my way, it alienates me from His life. Your sin and iniquity separates you from Him. So if you’re going to be joined to Him, you have to be delivered out of what separates you from Him. And when you’re separated from Him, you’re not aware of it, because you have to be with Him in the light before you see your actual condition; otherwise, you’re in deception. Darkness covers the earth, but gross darkness the people of God—deception.


(Verse 13) ‘But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.’


Well, weren’t you saved upfront? Yes, you were saved out of sin—upfront. This has been mentioned already in this convention and this is why I wanted to underline this, this morning.


Salvation comes in how many dimensions? Three. Why three dimensions? Because, I have to be saved out of sin to begin with. Now that I’m out of sin, I have to be saved from going back into sin again. So, when Jesus cried to the Father with strong crying and tears, was He crying for Him to save Him out of sin? No; He was crying for Him to save Him from sin because it wasn’t in Him to know the way to go. He was totally dependent on the Father to be saved from sin. If He had done anything of Himself, it would have been sin. All that is not of faith is sin and faith only comes by hearing, and hearing by the voice of God.


So is it possible for any man to save himself from sin? No; you need a Savior. Well, how can you work out your own salvation? You have to get together with the One who can save you. You couldn’t get together with the One who saves you, as long as you were separated by your sin and iniquity. What had to be done upfront is to forgive you and cleanse you from all sin and iniquity so you could re-connect with Him who could save you—with Him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life—that’s what salvation consists of.


Now, if you’re actually going to be saved, you have to take His yoke upon you and learn of Him and no more like sheep go astray. Fortunately, in the program, if you do go astray, because Jesus has paid the price, God has got His blood, so that if you do sin, you have an advocate, Jesus Christ the righteous and if you’re faithful to confess your sin and forsake it, He’s just to forgive you, the blood of Jesus will cleanse you, and now you can re-connect with God again. So Jesus stands as a mediator between God and man to work out your reconciliation so you can go on to apprehend your salvation. Only if you endure to the end shall you be saved, receiving the end of your faith, which is the salvation of your soul.



Can you say Hallelujah?! Can you say Thank you, Lord?! Now that you know it, it’s only a question of—do you want it? Now you’re going to convince God that you want it. What’s going to really impress God? Well, if you know these things, happy are you if you do them . So it’s not the hearers of the word that are saved, it’s the doers! And it comes at the end of the harvest. If you sow to the flesh, you’re going to reap corruption; but, if you sow to the Spirit, you’re going to reap life everlasting. Hallelujah!


Hey, folks, this is great stuff, isn’t it? Have you ever had such an opportunity in all your life? There isn’t any; there’s nothing to compare with it! This is the greatest thing that could ever come along—that God would give us the opportunity to live with Him, forever, godly, and be content with godliness.


Well, I’ve tried ungodliness and I’ve tried godliness. While there was a lot of self-denial in godliness, I’m really much more at peace; enjoying good health—not bad for a guy that’s 83 years old and He only promised me 70 years. Hallelujah! I already got a bonus! And, I know I’m only here by the grace of God. He had so many opportunities to take me out along this way that I’ve come. I had double pneumonia when I was two years old; He could have taken me right out. That was back in 1927; they didn’t have too much in the way of expertise to get you out of double pneumonia—but I survived!


Then I went into a war; watching people getting blown up, right along beside of me flying missions over in Germany….(recording is undecipherable here) …before they did, they shot at me quite a few times; I came back with 200 holes in the airplane, but not a scratch on me. One of my friends, right along side of me—in a moment, he was gone. Well, Somebody’s got to be looking after you; Somebody’s got to be watching over you. But, that wasn’t the greatest jeopardy. I was also living in sin and that’s the most deadly thing going. I told the people when they were down there on the Caquetá—they all got scared of the gorilla forces—I said, “Don’t be afraid of the gorillas, they can only destroy your body.” They were, also, living in sin. I said, “You’re not afraid of sin—that’s your problem. The gorillas are only a shadow; the sin is reality.” Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death—that’s not near as serious—God can lead you through the valley of the shadow of death. What’s serious is the real death—the soul that sinneth—that’s the real death. Afraid of the gorillas, but not afraid of sin! Fearing those who can destroy the body only, but not Him who can destroy both body and soul in hell!


(Verse 14) ‘And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world’


Now this is not the gospel of grace—this is not the gospel of your salvation—this is the gospel of the Kingdom. Ever since you’ve been saved, you’ve been saying a prayer and you’ve been praying, “Thy Kingdom come”. Why do you keep praying that? Because it’s not here, yet. Thy Kingdom come, where? In us! Isn’t it already there? Yes, but it’s only there, if today you will hear His voice. So, everyday has to be a fresh appropriation of “God, Thy Kingdom come ; Thy will be done .” So that where I’m living is in the Kingdom.


Why would you pray for His Kingdom to come, if it’s already here? Well, because where you’re praying for the Kingdom to come is not in you. Because the Kingdom of God, if you have the Spirit of God, is already in you —know ye not that the Spirit of God is in you? So where are you praying for it to come now? Well, we’re praying for it to come to the whole earth—the whole world. And is His Kingdom coming? Is it going to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea? Yes it is; that’s what we’re praying for.


But, why would you pray for that to happen in the whole earth if you don’t want it to happen in you? So, seek ye first, what? The Kingdom. Where? In you. The Kingdom of God, where? In you! Because if it comes in the earth and you’re not in it, you’re in for trouble. And you’re not going to be in it unless it’s in you . When He comes, if He finds you, where do you want to be found? In Him, who is the Kingdom of God. Jesus said, “If I, by the finger of God, cast out the devil, then the Kingdom of God has come unto you.” And the Kingdom of God is not in meat and drink—religious stuff; it’s in righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.


So where does the Kingdom have to come first? What does a Spirit need? A body. So what do you become? The body of Christ or the temple where the Kingdom comes in you. Once He has the people in whom He’s bringing the Kingdom in, He’ll bring the Kingdom into the whole world by that people. So the whole world is groaning, waiting for the manifestation of a people that the Kingdom of God is in—the sons of God. Why? Because when He brings that people forth—when He’s finished bringing forth that troop that’s going to do the job—now the whole creation is going to be delivered from the bondage of corruption and all brought into the Kingdom during the Millennial reign of Christ. Then every eye is going to see and every hear is going to hear.


How would you like to be a part of the answer to the whole of the creation? How many of you know that right now the whole world is lying in wickedness? How many of you understand that? And there’s a lot of suffering going on as a result of that, isn’t there? Because when the wicked rule, there’s great oppression over the people, but good news—the Kingdom is coming! The King is going to return! This time He’s not returning to be crucified; He’s returning to be glorified!


Where’s He going to be glorified? He couldn’t be glorified in Himself—that would be seeking His own—so He’s coming to be glorified in YOU so that you become the expression of His glory in the earth. Every eye is going to see the glory of God. Every eye is going to see, every ear is going to hear, and every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess. Not because you’re all tuned into television and see it happen; that’s what came out of men, because they didn’t see how every eye could see unless everybody’s tuned into their television set at the same time and saw it on TV! No, I’ll tell you how it’d happen—it could be on TV and you’d still never see it! What God has to do, is take the covering veil, that’s spread over all nations, and the veil that’s spread over all people and say, “These are My people.” And they’re saying, “He is our God!” And that has to be done in Spirit and in Truth.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the decision is in your hand. Seek ye this day—seek ye this day and every day—the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all else will be added. So this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached as the final gospel to all nations. Then what will happen? The end will come. The end will come. What’s the end? The manifestation of the Kingdom; it’s going to be manifested in a people who love God more than they love themselves. Can you say, “Amen”?


So when you come to convention and these are the kind of people who are gathering—who have this call and this kind of commitment on their life—would you expect a big crowd? When the Bible says that the love of many will wax cold—will I find any in the faith?—would you expect a big crowd? Would you be surprised if anybody showed up? That’s where I am, folks. I’m so blessed to see you guys are still around here. Some of you I’ve known for quite a while. We’ve been walking this way together for quite a while. Some have gone astray and come back; some have gone astray and never come back. Because, until it’s over—it’s not over. As long as the door is still open—as long as the gospel of the Kingdom is still being preached—you can still seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.


So this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached unto all nations—to give everybody a chance to come on in and be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures and then shall the end come. And everybody will be cut off where they are and judgment will hit the earth. It’ll be a great day for those who are ready and a terrible day for those who are not. I think we’re right in the throes of it. I think we’re right in the throes of it.


If we know what God’s going to be doing in the end time—this is another very amusing thing to me—all these preachers out there think there’s going to be a great harvest. There is----by the demons. Because God is going to release all of the spirits to feed on all flesh and He said, “You ought to pray that you’d be found worthy to escape this great tribulation that’s going to come upon the earth at this end time. It’s called the “great hour of temptation” that’s going to come upon all the earth to try it. Boy, if that’s not working now, I don’t know what is. Everything goes, nothing is wrong with anything. Anything you want to do is right. Every man’s way is right in his own eyes. No holds barred. You know, just in my lifetime I have seen a total deterioration of standard as to what’s respected and what’s now accepted—that before would not have been accepted. What is that—but the hour of temptation? I’m going to tell you something, unless you’re under the government of God, you will be under the government of these spirits.


Only if you make God your habitation, will no evil befall you. That’s the only way there is and nobody can do that for you. Every man must work out his own deal here, so, seek ye first ---seek ye first -----seek ye first ! –the Kingdom.


This gospel of the Kingdom has been preached already to all nations—it had already happened before the first church age was off the ground—out of the picture. It says His word had already gone forth to the ends of the earth. When God speaks, He’s not dependent upon man to speak it. What man’s job is—is to hear it! When God speaks, He doesn’t use man to speak it— He speaks! Then the question is—do you hear it? And if you hear it, blessed are your ears because they hear. Once you hear, then the next thing is, do you see it? And if you can see it, blessed are your eyes because they see. Well, it’s one thing to get the blessing of hearing and seeing, but now that you know these things—because you hear it and see it, now that you know it—the real blessing is, blessed are you if you do it .


Let’s don’t let this slip out of our hand, folks. This is a one-time opportunity in all of eternity to be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures and to demonstrate to God and everybody else that we love Him more than we love ourselves. Can you say, Amen? Hallelujah!


So do you stand in great security today or do you stand in great jeopardy today? Well if you have the greatest prize that’s ever been offered to anybody—to be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures, still before you—that you have to apprehend what you’ve been apprehended for—when you got that great opportunity to gain that so great a prize, then you of all people have got the most to lose, if you don’t do it. People are not going to be wailing and gnashing their teeth that didn’t have an opportunity. The ones who are going to be wailing and gnashing their teeth are those who knew they had the opportunity and they let it slip out of their hand. They sold their birthright for a morsel of meat to satisfy their soul.


Let’s don’t let it happen to us; because, we have the promise of God—that you will reap in due season, if you don’t faint or grow weary in well doing.


Can you say, “Amen”? Is that good, folks? Is this good? Hallelujah! Amen!



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