“Alone with God”

Titus Karuri Dallas Convention June 2009

I want to share a line that the Lord has been speaking to me to share here, and it will be found in:

Genesis 32:24-29 And Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him. And he said, let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob. And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed. And Jacob asked him, and said; Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there.


Matthew 14:22-23 and straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him unto the other side, while he sent the multitudes away. And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray; and when the evening was come, he was there alone.


Luke 5:12-16 And it came to pass, when he was in a certain city, behold a man full of leprosy: who seeing Jesus fell on his face, and besought him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And he put forth his hand, and touched him saying, I will: be thou clean. And immediately the leprosy departed from him. And he charged him to tell no man: but go, and shew thyself to the priest, and offer for thy cleansing, according as Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them. But so much the more went there a fame abroad of him: and great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed by him of their infirmities. And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for the opportunity to share Your word. You said Your word is Spirit and it is Life and no one can understand it, unless helped by You. My prayer is that this word would translate from being in the book to being life in our spirits, Oh God; to be an encouragement to our hearts even to bring healing to our souls and our physical bodies. Lord we thank You for Your Presence in this meeting. We behold Your glory and we honor You in Jesus name, Amen. And the people said, “Amen!”


I want to share on an area that is very simple and also very important. It is an area that is neglected by many people, and yet so important. We are hearing a situation where Jacob was left all alone. Our Lord Jesus Christ also took time off and left the multitudes to be alone with the Father. And so, the title of this message will be “Alone With God”.


When God spoke to me this word, it came with special weight. I knew that this is an area, as believers, we need to lay hold of seriously. It is about having time as an individual, with God - a time of quietness; a time of silence; a time when you do not have any other business, other than to be in the Presence of God alone.


People can gather in meetings, people can preach, but to find time alone with God is a problem to many. No wonder this is why there are problems in believers, because the work is not being done. God wants to do a lot in our lives. He has revealed greater truth to us, but still there are a lot of problems in our lives. Some of the problems have lingered for many years.


We can trace the problem to one place. People are not spending enough time with God. They are spending time in things; they are spending time with one another; they can spend a lot of time in business. You can spend a lot of time in work, but very little time with God, and yet we do know God is the source of our sustenance. That is the place we draw the strength to do all that we have to do and that is the only place we can find the strength to move on this way that God has called us.


The word is important, and God has blessed us with word, but the word alone will not do the job that is done by spending time in the Presence of God. I know head knowledge, the Bible says, puffs up a man, and there is a lot of head knowledge in people. As you travel, you find that is not something new to anyone. The television is full of that. But we don’t see much life coming forth in people confessing to be Christians.


It doesn’t take much time to find out why that is so. The reason is simple. People are not spending enough time in the Presence of God, so that He can reveal the things that are going on inside them. Some of the things going on hinder people from taking another step. Whatever it is, it could be hidden in the heart. No matter how long one has been saved, there is still a lot of unfinished business and some of the unfinished business cannot be dealt with by the word alone; it cannot be dealt with by the counseling of a minister or by being in a nice place. It can only be done when a people have sacrificed their time and their lives, to be found in the Presence of God, seeking Him and Him alone.


There is a song that we sing…….




With hind’s feet on high places, I will run after thee. With hind’s feet on high places, I will run after thee. I will run, I will run, I will run after thee, I will run, I will run, I will run after thee.


   I will run as though to win, I will run after thee, I will run, I will run, I will run, I will run after thee.


This song makes a lot of sense to us and to me in particular; that I will pursue none other business but Him. When people are pursuing Him and seeking Him, He is going to be found of them. The Bible is very plain about it. (Proverbs 8:17)


“Those who seek Me early, they shall find Me.”


Those who love God seek Him. Love for Him should cause us to seek after Him.


I find a lot about seeking God in the word. After being born again, I found God had spoken a lot about a people that will seek after Him; a people that will go for Him; a people that will forsake their own lives, to pursue Him. To me, that’s the place where God is calling us in this hour – a place where we are seeking Him and saying, “I will not stop from seeking Him.” I know there is a move of the Spirit and we are called into it, and that should bring us closer to God, so that we are able, as individuals, to have time with God.


You were called as a person; you were not called being many (corporate) initially. I got saved when I was far away from home on official duties and when I went back home, I found my wife had also received the Lord in my absence. I was called individually and God introduced Himself to me individually. So He dealt with me, and then He introduced me to His Body, which is wonderful. I find that as a people that are called individually, we are coming together as a Body under one Lord and one Master so we can bring in the life that we have, to benefit one another. So, the Body will be edified and strengthened by the supply of each member. The Bible says in 1Cor. 12:27. “We are the body of Christ and members in particular.”

Therefore every member has a duty in this Body; a responsibility to make the Body function well, to make the Body move, to cause the Body to be beautiful! That is what the Bible teaches. If you are to supply into making the Body strong, then you have to be a people who seek time with God.


I know there are some people that have left their responsibility of seeking God to either the elders or to the ministry thinking that it is the responsibility of the elders and the ministry to pray, seek God and preach the word. I want to challenge you, as I challenge myself, that it is not one man’s job. It is not going to take the ministry alone. It is going to take the ministry and the Body together to make it. Paul preached a lot about the believers praying for him that he may be able to take the word, and so each member of the Body is expected to have time with God so that you can minister to others in the Body; hence making the Body strong.


So this is what you find in this message that I am calling “Alone With God.” When Jacob was told to return to his country, he encountered some difficulties along the way. God had spoken to him to go back to his country and in Genesis 32 we find that Jacob is on his way back home. God had spoken to him clearly, ‘that your time is up, Jacob, return to your country, your father’s land’. This is after twenty years of being in Laban’s house, and now he is on the journey. He has a lot of wealth; he has cows, he has camels, he has goats, he has two wives, maidens and eleven children. He is a wealthy man and now God tells him, ‘return’ . On the way, he finds some difficulties. From verse 1 in Chapter 32 we find that angels met him on the way. When the angels met him on the way, he realized that “God must be here, God must be with me.” That was the second sign that God was with him; God had spoken and now He had confirmed “I am still with you.” The angels came to strengthen him. The angels came to guard him against whatever would come on the way.


Of course, you know we have angels that have been assigned to take care of the saints. I happened to enjoy that, face to face, when I was shot by robbers and left to die. I was hospitalized and underwent a major surgery. While in the hospital I experienced the ministry of the angels in a special way.



The angels ministered to me; they read the scriptures to me and they sang praises to me. So that the ten days stay in the hospital was like a retreat. I mean, all the time I was happy though lying there physically helpless but spiritually strong. Some traveling ministry, including Brother Joseph Latour, who is with us in this Convention came to see me while on missions in my country. When they came to see me, they found me there helpless, but my face was all the time shining and I told everybody that came to see me, “All is well.” And they never saw me suffering, because of the ministry of the angels!

The angels came to minister to Jacob, because he had a great calling, just like you know we have a great calling and God is providing our safety and security even as we walk along. And so, that was the second confirmation that God was with Jacob. But at this time he remembered something that lingered in his mind for twenty years. He remembered that he took the birthright from his brother. At that point he was troubled and feared for his life. He sent messengers to check on how Esau was, whether he was still mad at him or had changed. So he sent messengers and gave them instructions. ‘When you go, tell him that I’ve sent you. So the messengers went and met Esau. The messengers found Esau coming toward Jacob. I don’t know whether it was a coincidence or something. He had 400 men with him and they were marching on toward the direction that Jacob was coming from. So they returned the report that; “Your brother is coming and he has 400 men with him!”

What would that do to you if you were the one? You’d be scared and terrified to your boots, just like Jacob was. I mean, he feared a lot and he panicked and said, “My, I thought God was with me, what is God doing to me? This is Esau coming with 400 men. This is the time I am going to be destroyed because I am on the way, and there is no help here and my father is not here!” And so he was seeing ‘doom’. He was seeing ‘destruction’.

But remember, he is a person with a call, and experience with God. On his way to Laban’s place at night, he had a revelation of the house of God and fellowship that God has called us to; God being on the top of this fellowship. God told him to return and He sent angels to encourage him on the way.


Isn’t it like this with us sometimes? We have a tremendous calling; God has spoken to us tremendous things and there are things that are still troubling us, and fears besetting us. Even tonight God spoke about not turning back. He means there is still a ‘turning back’ in some; otherwise God would not speak such a word. There is fear that keeps people from going on into the unknown. God is calling us in this hour into Himself, more than ever before, but there is fear in some people. And He said this is the time to move on; it is not the time to go back.


We are on the threshold; God is just about to close this thing and therefore we need to meet and strengthen one another. This is the hour to build and strengthen the members of this Body for the time is closer than when we began. May God help us, may God help us! Out of fear, some people doubt God and begin to look aside or backwards and go back to things they once renounced. What a tragedy!


What happened to Jacob although he had a great calling also happens to us. We are here to strengthen that which is weak in us so that we can move on, for the time is now to move into all the fullness that God has promised us. Just like Jacob, sometimes we are caught up with fear and begin panicking, and when we begin panicking, manifestations of other things come into play. Some of it is going back, some of it is having no fellowship with brethren – things like these happen. May God help us as He helped Jacob that we may keep moving on. Amen.


After panicking, Jacob began to strategize in his own mind. He began thinking of how he could help himself. He thought to himself, “I have too many cows; I have a lot of wealth; supposing I bribe my brother so that he doesn’t come to crush me?” So he divided the wealth into companies. And he said, “I’ll send the first company, and if the first company is destroyed, the second company will remain and if he destroys the second company the third company might escape, (and remember Jacob is in the fourth company.) He is WAY back and he is figuring out that there was no way that Esau could destroy the first company, the second company and the third company and come to him! All this is being figured in his mind. May God help us to renew the spirit of our mind so that we stop figuring ‘how to work it out’. We make mistakes by ‘figuring out’. After hearing the word, we think we can ‘work it out’, and make it happen and we make messes. May God help us that in this hour we don’t make messes, but rather move on.


When he was in that state of fear, he finally said, “Even my own wives and my own children”; must also go – he has released all the wealth, all his wives and his children. What has remained? Jacob – alone – there at River Jabbok. Jabbok empties into the River Jordan and of course it was a strategic place of meeting. It is a place where he is going to ‘pour out himself’. Jabbok means, “pouring out” into Jordan. So it is a time he is going to pour out all that is in him – all the flesh in him has to be poured out. This is a place of ‘death to self’ if you like. We have been taught many years that Jordan means “death to self” and Jabbok is a tributary of Jordan, so there is a connection between Jordan and Jabbok and this is where Jacob is, and he is on this side, and he must empty himself of everything that is about him, so that he can find the help to meet with the men in Esau’s company. If that is not done, things will not be nice with Jacob. And therefore, we see that when he was left alone there with a lot of fear, the fear drove him into seeking God – Amen.


We do not have to be driven by fear to seek God. God is pleased also that we seek Him even when we are not in difficulties. There are many people that fast and pray only when they have issues. But there are serious issues in the heart that probably we don’t know about, but if you spend some time in the Presence of God, you’ll be surprised at what kind of stuff is hidden in the heart. Sickness is something that everybody can see and we can fast and pray about that; financial difficulties; joblessness and so on. But there are other things inside the heart of a man that are crucial. They need to be dealt with.


Fear gripped the heart of Jacob, and of course you know what the Bible says about fear –John said that there is ‘torment in fear’; there’s no joy in fear. Anybody who is in torment is not a happy person. Fear is spoken about in the Bible many times – 366 times. I know there is ‘fear of the Lord’ which is good, and leads us to righteousness, but the fear from the enemy is terrorizing. And when that happens, panicking sets in which may cause somebody to make mistakes.

I had an experience with fear nearly 5 years ago. The year 2004 was a very terrible year for us. I have shared this testimony before. I just shared the first part when I was in the hospital, but this is the other part. In December of the same year, robbers came to our home to steal our car. We were abducted. My wife and I were taken 6 kilometers away from our house and left in the woods at night. Thank God, they never hurt us but they left us there to walk home about an hour or so in the dark. And they took away the car, which was never recovered. We were made to stay in the bush one hour with them as they sang all kinds of dirty songs and mocked us telling us, “You people are foolish – you took the Bible, but we took the guns.” All along they were waiting for their captain whom they had contacted. And indeed, their captain came and when he looked at us he asked, “Hey, where did they get you from?” He was a tall man and spoke like a gentleman, like he wanted to help us. And then he said, “Pastor, go get a cell phone (because they had taken our cell phones away from us) and I will call you after two days.” Then he took us a few meters away from the others and he told us to hold hands with him and we made a circle the three of us. He told us to forgive him as he did not like what he was doing and sure enough we told him we had forgiven him. Then they took off leaving us in the dark. We knelt down, thanked God and walked home praying and praising God.


After two days I am sitting in the office, and here comes a call from one of the robbers. The voice waves of this guy were a real terror. He said “Is this pastor?” I said yes. He continued, “You remember that time when you were in the bush and we prayed with you?” I answered, “Oh, oh yes.” Then he said, “Now, don’t fear, don’t panic. Do you want the car?” And then he finally said, “I’ll call you again” and he hung up.


My God! I have never experienced such a fear moving through the telephone into my spirit. Yes, born again, Spirit filled, with this revelation but I couldn’t help it. I prayed, but the fear persisted. These guys knew exactly where I lived. They also told me they knew where my car was.


A few days later he called again and said, “Now, if you want the car make sure you come with some money in exchange for the car “ He continued. “I’ll call you again and explain how to come where the car is”, then he hung up.


At that time, I asked some ministries with us to pray with me because I realized there was another hidden plot by the robbers. Because of the uncertain situation, I sought for prayers. My wife and I prayed a lot, and God helped us. When the robber called for the third time, I was now ready and confident to answer him boldly. I told him that I was not interested in that kind of an offer. I also said, “Listen, you know I am a pastor, and I cannot do anything unless God instructs me. God has not spoken to me about coming for the car. The whole matter is in the hands of the police and I do not want anything to do with it.” And so he laughed and hung up, and that was the end of the story.


I am bringing up a point here about fear; to illustrate what fear can do. After that episode of the car, I actually experienced the real terror of the fear. I can now understand how fear terrorizes. There was a lot of fear in me and I could tell something was wrong in the heavenly realm. A few times at night around 3 a.m. we could hear big footprints on the roof of our house above our bedroom. The steps would be like that of a huge bird walking on the roof top. One time I went out to check but I could not see anything. It would happen like that again exactly at 3 a.m. with similar sound. I would wake up to pray for the rest of the night. We had good time to pray and seek the Lord. I do not know when the fear disappeared, but it disappeared during the time of seeking God and spending enough time with Him.


Fear is a terrible thing. I am surprised that after 20 years, fear was still troubling Jacob. Are you surprised that even after the call and God assuring him of safety, fear was still in this man? This is why he organized in his mind how to bribe his brother to calm the temper. He was still remembering the unfinished business of 20 years ago.


There still could be unfinished business even in this hour that could trouble and hinder us from taking the next step. I am hearing God saying, He is blowing another trumpet that He has not blown before, and this trumpet will draw us into Him like never before.” Whatever it costs, that is exactly what it means to walk towards what He is calling us into. I’m sure He is saying it here; He is saying it in Kenya – whatever it means, He will help us to continue on.


Therefore, fear still remained in Jacob. He had not changed, but during this time alone with God , the work was done faster. And there wrestled a man with Jacob, and you know the rest of the story. They wrestled throughout the night and the man who wrestled with Jacob (later on we read ‘God wrestled with him), touched the hollow of his thigh and ‘halted’ it and by the breaking of the day, the job had been done. The man asked him, “What is your name?” And he said, “My name is Jacob.” In other words, Jacob had not changed; he was still a ‘supplanter’; he was still the same Jacob and this is why there was a lot of fear in him. And so the man said, “Let me go!” And Jacob said, “I’ll not let you go until you bless me.” And then, the next thing we hear – the man who wrestled with Jacob, touched the hollow of his thigh and halted it at the breaking of the day. The man told Jacob, “You’ll no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have ‘prevailed’, you are now a ‘prince with God and with man’ – you have ‘prevailed’. You’ll no longer be called Jacob; you’ll no longer be called ‘the supplanter’; you’ll no longer be called the ‘old man.’ You are now a new person.” And remember, this is at the breaking of the day! And I heard God speaking that ‘a new day is dawning’. And so a ‘new day is dawning’ upon a people and there is going to be a change in them that will be visible and permanent. A new day is breaking, Hallelujah!


When the day broke, Jacob was limping . The people who saw him saw a changed man having a permanent mark in his life. Brothers and sisters, I believe what God is going to do in this hour is going to be a permanent work at the breaking of this new day! And we are right on time and God is going to do it. But He is going to do it in a people that are seeking time with Him in this hour. It’s no more looking for it there, nor there, but now it’s into a closet with God, because we realize, only He can do it .


I am so happy to walk together with you, and the other brethren, but I also know that I am walking alone with God. It is good to be together, but I also realize there are moments when one feels you are all alone.


I know the ministry will agree with me, for there are times when they feel very lonely with no one to encourage them. So the ministry has to really trust God, to meet their needs. People fear to approach them. I do not know why they fear but I think it is out of respect. I thank God, because the ministry knows that as they spend time with God, God comforts them and gives them favor to bring the word that builds the Body.


If you are not willing to walk alone with God, it will be difficult to fit well in the Body of Christ. As God draws us nearer to Himself, He also leads us to closeness with one another, and corporate life becomes a joyful and edifying experience. Therefore as individuals we have responsibility to hear God and make corporateness function.


So it is advisable then, as individuals to learn to spend time with God, and check out what we hear. It’s not being doubtful or lack of faith to do so. It will do us good. As I walk this way, my experience is that it is always good to check out everything that we hear. Until I confirm it is from God, I do not make a move. And when I make a move and find difficulties, I blame no one but myself. I believe, if that is our position, we shall see a beautiful and strong Body, where all of us are responsible for the steps we take.

Therefore, each one needs time to pray, moments to read the Bible and I believe God will confirm His way to us. We do not have to know a lot of truth to walk with God. God is seeking for a people that will hear and obey Him even as we have heard many times. This calls for sacrifice of our time.


As natural people I believe we spend time with our fathers and it is a good thing because it is the place where the father can reveal some of the things concerning his love, or his mind to his children. And so, in that secret place of quietness in the presence of God, it is the place of victory and revelation, where truth moves from the mind to the heart. May the Lord be praised! It is a time to translate all we have known, from the mind into the heart. I do not know whether you have ever measured the distance from the mind to the heart. It’s a short distance but it has taken some people a long time to take the truth from the mind to the heart. May God help us in this hour, so that we translate what we have known into lifestyle .


The people are waiting for lifestyle. People are not interested with testimonies and doctrines; people will be moved by the life. This is why John the Apostle said, “I’m writing to you so that you can have fellowship with us, and the fellowship is with the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ.” (1John 1:3)


People saw the life lived by our Lord Jesus Christ; they touched the life; they handled it; they saw the life feeding the hungry, and John said, “We are sharing with you that life that you may have fellowship with us; fellowship is in the life.” Amen.


How much time do we take in 24 hours in a day to spend time with God? As I ask this, I am challenging myself as well. It is a very great challenge, and calls for great sacrifice. We are living in a very busy world. As we were coming to this place, one of the sisters asked; “Do you see how our cities are crazy; so busy?” As we drove on those super highways I could see cars moving this way and that way on all sides and wondered where all these people were going. Busy! Busy! People can be very busy all the time and may probably give God one hour or none at all.


Jesus said in Matthew 26, “Pray that you enter not into temptation. PRAY!” This is not prayer for the meal; this is not a prayer at bedtime; this is a moment you have deliberately set aside to have good time with the Father. Not to seek the word to preach; but just to be there and say, “Lord, I’m here. I believe you’re my Father and I need help to make it to the next level, and I’m here because I realize I need help.”


There are times when I go before God a couple of hours, telling Him, “I need help!” Sometimes I do not know exactly which help I need, but I realize I need help anyway, for I am still here – in this world. And sometimes God reveals some things I never knew they existed in my heart and he deals with them right there on the knees! People may think, “Oh he is a good guy; he’s okay,” but there may be some things we overlook, but God does not ignore them though they look like little foxes. When I spend time with God, He reveals it, and I say, “Lord, help me and forgive me for I didn’t even know this exists!” Before problems hurt you along the way, they could be dealt with during the time with God .


Did you know that Peter had some things in his heart that he didn’t know were there? He was presumptuous but he didn’t know. The Lord Jesus Christ had told him, “You know I am going there and they are going to arrest me and they are going to kill me.” John 13:37-38 And Peter, as you know he all the time spoke hastily. He said, “ Oh Lord, I am going with you!” And Jesus looked at him and said, “Peter, can you really die with me?” And Peter said, “Yes, yes, yes!” The Lord Jesus looked at him and saw presumption. He was not ready to die with Him, but maybe would be ready along the way, after some dealings. Jesus said, “ Peter, before the cock crows tonight, you’ll have denied me three times.” (John 18) You know the story. When that moment came, and he denied our Lord the third time, the cock crowed. I think it was well arranged by God such that Jesus was able to see Peter from where He was. After denying Jesus, their eyes met, and Peter remembered what Jesus had told him, and his presumptuous reply. Having denied the Lord three times, he left that place and wept bitterly, repenting.


Sometimes we face similar situations. We say, “Yes, yes, I’m coming along,” but somewhere along the way we find things are very difficult, and we say, “Oh I never thought it would be this way!” You can deal with such cases before they happen.


When I look at Peter, I have another prayer now before the Lord. This is my prayer in His Presence, ”if You see something that can cause me to deny You like Peter or that can shame you along the way Lord, deal with it now, on these knees.”


If you know there are some areas that have been a problem to you that have lingered, like they lingered in Jacob for 20 years; and are still disturbing you, you can deal with them in the Presence of God. May be you have tried the ministry; or professional counselors, I don’t know, but now try being alone with God , and just spend enough time before Him. This might mean forgoing some sleep, and waking up early a couple of days; it might be necessary to probably fast and pray to deal with that. I don’t know what that means to you. May God help you that you may sacrifice to come to that place. Prayer is a battle! If there is anything the devil is fighting hard in this hour, it is a people that would dare pray, and pray enough until their change comes!


Jacob said, “I won’t let you go until you bless ME!” What was this blessing? There cannot be a blessing from anyone else; it has to be from God only. God was blessing Jacob, and the blessing here was a change we can see. I don’t see a better blessing we can give to one another other than the life of God Himself. This blessing was a change from the former life to a new life; a change from hopelessness to hope; the blessing from discouragement to courage. Jacob said, “I’m not quitting until the work is done!” God is bringing forth a people that will say like Jacob, “I am not quitting until I receive my change!”


And you know, brothers and sisters, the change is not very far from us. The day is with us; at the breaking of the day, Jacob was a different man. At the breaking of the day, the King is appearing to those who dare say to Him; “Lord, I’m not quitting until this area which has been a problem in my life is dealt with.”


There are some people I have counseled who had some difficulties in their church. I advised them to go and spend some time with God after being prayed for with no changes. But when they spent enough time in the presence of God, the job was done.


Jesus is our perfect example in the area of waiting on God. The Bible says that Jesus, after having tremendous revival when a leprous man was healed and His fame had gone far and wide, He withdrew into the wilderness to pray. What a good place to go and pray, in the desert, in a lonely place. He was there alone with God after withdrawing from the multitudes of people, to have time with the Father.


Another time, Jesus was spending His time on the mountain with the Father, and He would stay a couple of days on the mountain at night, in the Presence of the Father. The following day, you find Jesus in the temple teaching. Jesus is our perfect example. Even as the Son of God found it worthy and profitable to spend time in the presence of the Father, how much we!


It is at that moment of quietness with God that He actually downloads His truth, His life, and His riches into our hearts. He sees your desire and your sacrifice in coming to that place of intimacy with Him. He will reveal things to you that you never knew before. He will show you things that trouble other people that you couldn’t see otherwise, so that you can pray for them. That is the best moment of any believer. This is my best moment when I am in the Presence of our Father God, where He speaks to me things which can only be spoken at that moment. Jesus is the pattern Son, and so we can learn from Him and it shall be well with us.


The Apostles, in the Book of Acts Chapter 6, realized the work was growing and as the Body grew; there was need to delegate ministry of tables to other people. And they said, “It is not good for us to leave the work of the ministry of prayer and the word, to serve the tables.” so, “Can you give us men full of the Holy Ghost to whom we can give this responsibility so that we can spend time in prayer and in the word?” And you see, we are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and the Prophets.


I know our spiritual fathers spend a lot of time with God, but they cannot work it out for us. After spending time with God you are able to fellowship much better with one another, rejoicing and encouraging one another. If there is going to be revelation to take us to the next level, it will come from a people that spend a lot of time in prayer and fasting. In that secret place in God, we find more grace to enable us to move on. We are blessed, and so we need to appreciate by withdrawing from some stuff so that we can have time with God. Jacob had to let everything go, and when he was alone with God , then God brought his change. He told him “As a Prince, you have power with God and men and hast prevailed”. Now he was ready to meet his brother. No more fear was in him for God had dealt with the problem. If you read on to the next chapter, you will hear that whatever was disturbing Jacob, God was dealing with it at the same time.


Esau was coming and he was happy to meet his brother, and when they met, Jacob was so humbled that he actually knelt before his brother. They hugged and kissed one another and they both wept! God had already taken care of Jacob’s fears. God had dealt with Esau without Jacob’s knowledge!


May God help us that even without seeing, we believe that He is taking care of our problems. God goes ahead of us to take care of our problems and so we can move on boldly knowing that He will take care of us. When they met, Jacob tried to persuade Esau to take presents from him but Esau refused and said he had wealth too. But Jacob persisted and for that reason Esau took it. God had brought a positive change in the hearts of the two brothers. God is dealing with our problems the same way He dealt with Jacob’s problem along the way. The two brothers parted ways in peace; Jacob stayed around there and Esau went back to his place.


Brothers and sisters, why should we worry about things that are not with us now? We should not get worried for God is in control. The economy is going the way it is going all over the world; including Kenya and the United States of America. The people whose economy has been good are now crying that things are very bad. But we know better. The King of Kings is aware. All we need to do is lift up our hands in prayer and ask Him to intervene. As we seek His help, He will deal with our fears as we wait on Him to deal with the situation. Does He know He has a people here? Yes He does and He is watching over them. The Bible says, in 2 Chron.16:9(a) “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” If your heart is like that, you need not worry about how the economy goes; God is going to take care of it.


One more final advice, please don’t reduce the number of hours for serving God and waiting on Him. We may think the best way to help ourselves is to work very hard for many hours thereby denying God time with us. That will mean taking the wrong direction. Wait on God and He will show you what to do and it will be well with you. Hence, you’ll be a witness of the goodness and the power of God! Hallelujah! God is good all the time!



With hind’s feet on high places I will run after Thee,

  With hind’s feet on high places I will run after Thee,

  I will run, I will run, I will run after Thee,

  I will run, I will run, I will run after Thee.


Amen and God bless you.

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