Not By Bread Alone


by Buddy Cobb

Lubbock, Texas Convention December 2010


The wonderful thing about the Bible is that it contains a plan of God in every detail. Therefore, you must get the Holy Spirit, so that you are able to understand the scriptures. The Bible tells us that the Scriptures are not written in words that man’s wisdom teaches, but it is written in words in which the Holy Spirit teaches. The Bible is not comparing natural with spiritual, or spiritual with natural, but it is comparing spiritual with spiritual. Therefore, if all you have is your natural facility to understand when you read the Bible—it tells us right in the Bible—‘the natural man cannot know or understand the things of the Spirit of God because they are spiritually discerned.’


One of the things that you find about God is that He has secrets. He only imparts those secrets to a people that meet a condition. It says ‘the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him’. What is it about God that you are to fear ? I thought you were supposed to love Him. Won’t that perfect love cast out all fear? Not this fear! No, the fear that the perfect love will cast out, is the fear of losing your life. You cannot know the truth living in the way of your own life. The path of your own life will never lead you into the truth.


If you do not lose your life—if you don’t turn it loose—and come out from controlling your life, where you are taking thought for what you are going to eat, what you are going to wear, and where you are going to go and what you are going to do—if you don’t come out from that realm, you’ll never know the truth. You will have come and gone from the place of the living and will have never known the truth of even why you were here and why you were made.


It is obvious—I think anyone would recognize—you did not make yourself. That’s clear, isn’t it? You had nothing to do with the circumstances of which you were born, nor the time in which you were born, and yet you are here. So, somebody was working ahead of the fact that you were even in existence, to determine the time your existence would take place; to determine the time of your entrance into this world and into this light. You had absolutely nothing to say about it.


Once you are here, you don’t have anything to say about your destiny, either—the time when you are going to die, the time when you are going to leave. All your times and seasons are not in your hand; they are in God’s hand.


You would have to recognize that since He has created all things, He must have had a purpose for creating something like us. The word will also tell you this; ‘He has created all things by Himself and for Himself’.


If you are not really in connection with God where you really see the truth, you will think that God is there for you . No, if you understand the truth, you are here for Him . He has made you for Himself! He has not made Himself for you! But isn’t it wonderful that He would consent to be my God and allow me to be a part of His people? And give me a choice as to whether I want to be that or not?


This is what He does when He puts His Spirit within you; the moment He ‘quickens’ you by the Spirit. He forms Adam from the dust of the ground and breathes into him the ‘breath of life’. That means that he was ‘quickened’ by God’s Spirit. It’s the Spirit that gives life. That is when He sends His Spirit into your spirit.


The moment that happens, you have just been awakened into a life that is His life and so He is your Father at that point; so you cry, “Abba, Father!” That is the first time you ever knew who your Father was.


Now there is a difference between you being His creation and you being His child— you being His son . There is a difference between you being created as a sheep and you being His sheep. He creates a lot of people, but they are not all His people because He is going to put the choice into your hand as to whether you are going to be His or your own.


You can see that in the very nature in which He brings us forth, it’s going to be a nature that if I do what comes naturally, I’m going to seek my own. ‘He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him ’, not seek their own.


Did you come to Him for gain or for loss ? Be honest. You came for gain. Did you come to get or to give ? You came to Him to get. God has to connect with you and begin to teach you about Himself or you will create Him in your image, so that you ‘change the image of the incorruptible God into an image made like unto corruptible man’—like unto me.


The Bible tells us that ‘There is no man that knows the things of a man except the spirit of man that is in him.’ And therefore, there is ‘nobody that can know anything about the things of God except the Spirit of God and him to whom He reveals them’. God doesn’t send His spirit so that you know how to sing and dance, although you can sing and dance in the Spirit, but that’s not the real reason. He sends the Spirit to lead you into all truth.


In order to really get the benefit of the reason for which the Spirit came, you are going to have to let the Spirit lead and you are going to have to follow . We have a little song that we sing, “Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow.” That is easy enough to sing , but will we follow ?


Where He is going to lead you is going to check out, why are you coming? Why are you following? There is only one legitimate reason to follow the Spirit of God and that is so you might know God . You are only going to know Him if you ‘follow on to know Him’.


There is nobody that can teach you about God in any way that you could understand it. Unless you are taught by the Lord, whoever is trying to teach you is laboring in vain.


Jesus was with the disciples and the disciples were with Jesus for the entire length of His ministry and at the end of it they were saying, “Show us the Father.” And Jesus said, “Have I been with you so long and you don’t even know Me?” So, could you have a discipleship under Jesus and never even know Him? ‘But this is eternal life, to know Him .’


The problem is, you think you are going to know Him by some physical manifestation of Him. Actually there is a by-product of knowing Him, which makes it a very good reason for you to want to know Him—‘for this is eternal life , to know Him .’


You can see that you would not be interested in eternal life if you already had it. God has not brought us into an eternal life realm, yet; however, you are in an eternal existence realm. You have been in existence a lot longer than you have any concept. You were chosen in Him before the foundation of the world—before you had any consciousness of it at all. What were you chosen ‘in Him’ for? You don’t have the foggiest idea.


When the Bible says, ‘He made all things by Himself,’ He also says, ‘He made all things for Himself.’ So what did He make you for? For Himself !


Until you and I actually realize the purpose for which we are made, then we go unfulfilled; we go astray from that purpose. We cannot be fulfilled until we are actually doing what we are made to do —what we are made for. ‘The man was not made (created) for the woman, but the woman was made (created) for the man.’ God was not made for us, but as His bride, we are made being made for Him . He is not even complete without His bride, so ‘the man cannot be without the woman and the woman cannot be without the man’; they are vital to each other.


As we become ‘His people and the sheep of His pasture’ and we fulfill the purpose for which He has made us, we become the fullness of Him, while He becomes the fullness of us! Consequently, where are you going to find yourself complete? Where are you going to find your fullness? In Him!


Aren’t most people still waiting for Him to come? The truth is, right now, He is here ! In fact, Paul walking into Athens told those unbelievers that ‘it is in Him that we all live, move, and have our being!’ But it was the one God that they didn’t know. They had made an image of Him and put a superscription on it, ‘To the Unknown God’. But, ‘this is eternal life, to know Him .’


If you are ever going to know God, are you ever going to know Him by someone telling you about Him? No. God tells you what it takes to know Him; ‘Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me’, and then ‘you shall know, if you follow on to know.’ He is going to be revealing Himself to you, ‘line upon line and precept upon precept’, so you have to begin with Him and stick with Him through the end. If you endure to the end, then ‘you shall know, even as you are known.’ ‘You will know the truth and the truth will make you free’ from believing you are better off having a life of your own with God blessing it.


God is going to show, in the process of time, that ‘He causes His rain to fall and His sun to shine on the just and the unjust’—the righteous and the unrighteous. He gives gifts to all harlots—prostitutes. The church will be a harlot before she will ever be a pure bride.


The day of God will never come in anybody’s life ‘until there first comes a falling away’ and they become the opposite of what He wants them to be—‘the man of sin’ rather than the man of righteousness. That is so that God can ‘have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.’


I remember somebody who was working with someone and they got very frustrated and said, “I can’t deliver this guy from sin because he loves his sin!” Because, what you love, you hold to! So, if you don’t cease from sin, you are still in love with it! Consequently, you are a ‘beguiling and unstable soul’.


Why unstable? On the one hand, I want what God is offering me; I want eternal life; I want all the blessings of God, but on the other hand, I want it my way .


The actual thing that you want more than anything else—you actually discover this in marriage—is independence. People will die for it, saying, ‘Give me liberty, or give me death!’ and here is God, Who is working on us to take us out of a place of liberty and bring us into a place of captivity! Captivity is the last thing you want! He wired you so you do not want it! What you prize is liberty ! Given the difference in being a prisoner and free, which will you choose?


You have to be very careful with how you hear things from God, because He comes and says, “I came to set the captive free and bring them in total captivity to Me! Unless you come into captivity to Me, you’ll never be free from what you are in captivity to, apart from Me.” Therefore, whose captivity would you rather be in? The question is not , “Would you rather be in captivity or would you rather be free?” The question is, “Which master do you want to serve?” “Whose bondservant would you rather be? A bondservant to sin or to God?” The cords of your sin will hold you against your will. The difference with God is that He will never hold you against your will.


Whether you go into sin or whether you stay with God, you are going to be a sacrifice and what you are going to sacrifice is your life . Your life is temporal, so if you try to save it, you are going to lose it—guaranteed. At least while you have it, you would like to live it your own way, right?


Then here comes another problem; when God made you, He made sure that your way is not His way! There is a reason God did this. As things progress, what God is doing is ‘sifting us like wheat’ and revealing to us not what He needs to know about us, but what we need to know about us! When God comes to search us out and to reveal things to us, it’s not to reveal something He doesn’t know about us, but it’s to destroy all the false images you have in your own mind about yourself.


You can see the mindset of man; man thinks God needs help and if he doesn’t get in there and get these souls saved, they are going to die and God is going to lose them! And, their salvation is dependent on me and so I become a soul winner! As if I could.


I’ll tell you why they desire to become a soul winner; it’s because they read in Proverbs that ‘he that wins souls is wise.’ Of course, they can see how wise they are, so they say, “I am wise, so I’m going to win souls.” No. ‘Man became a fool when he declared himself to be wise.’ You find that God Himself has the corner on wisdom. ‘There is none wise but God!’


Now here is another problem; because ‘every man’s way is right in his own eyes’, then you don’t agree with God’s ways because they are not your ways. So, if you could counsel God, you could help straighten Him out and tell Him what to do so that you could get things properly done because they are properly done when they are done my way !


If you ever come into a community context, what you are going to find out quickly is that not everybody’s way actually agrees with yours and they don’t see your way as being better than theirs. Why should they surrender to you? Why should you surrender to them? So now, it’s a contest as to who is going to rule! They of your own household can turn out to be your enemies.


This is what God is educating us in. He said that there cannot be any ‘peace on earth or goodwill toward men’, much less a happy marriage, until you go through a change—a change of life. The change of life is an exchange . You can never get it together in your life; it’s impossible. So what you need is a whole ‘ newness of life’.


In order to get a whole new life, what do you have to do with the present one? Give it up! If you are going to be involved in the choice of which life you are going to embrace as your life, then you are going to have to do that while you are in a living realm way and that choice is before you. That choice is not always going to be there. You have to do this in a timeframe.


To help us understand this, all these things that were written as history in the Bible were written for our examples. I really think you ought to read the Old Testament more than the New Testament in order to get the pattern of things. Everything in the Bible is of significance and a pattern and you need to understand the pattern. You see when God tells Moses to build a tabernacle, He says, ‘See that you build it according to the pattern.’ From whom did Moses get the pattern? God! God does everything in a pattern form. You need to understand the pattern. ‘These were written for our admonition.’ Is it going to do any good if you don’t even read them?


This is a book on not how to do it, it’s more on how not to do it. There is nothing in a book that could ever tell you how to do it, but the only thing they can put in a book is how not to do it. These things happen in the Bible ‘as an example unto us’ that we should not go that way! We need to learn by history! In order to know how to do what needs to be done, you can’t get it out of a book; you have to be taught by the Lord Himself. That means you have to ‘take His yoke upon you and learn of Him .’


As soon as you take His yoke upon you, He is going to lead you in the way that you are going to want to go, right? Don’t you just love to be with the Lord? No, it’s the last thing that you want. You don’t mind the Lord being with you , but you don’t want to be with Him , because if you are with Him, it’s going to cost you being god, yourself.


What does man want to do? What was the desire of Adam? The devil came along and said, “You know what? You don’t have to be tied to this God; you can become independent and have a life of your own. All you have to do is go to another source of knowledge because if you stay with Him and do it His way, you are always going to be the servant and He is going to be God. Now if you go over here and get smart enough yourself, you can be as god yourself and you can even get smart enough that you can bring God into your service.” Most people believe that they can bring God into their service and they tell Him what to do all the time!


Those who know the truth understand something else; God does not always deal with you purely . He’ll go along with your perversion and will deceive you. The only time you are actually going to get the relationship with Him where He deals with you purely is when you deal with Him purely. Only ‘the pure in heart shall see God.’


One of the things that must be done is to ‘purify yourself’. It starts with your thinking . For ‘as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’


What do we really have an ambition for and what really appeals to us? What really appeals to us, is for us to be god ourselves. The interesting thing about this is that God has written in the Bible that ‘ye are all gods’. Isn’t that interesting that God has made us to be gods? Therefore, there would be ‘gods many and lords many’, but in order for any god to be around forever, he is going to have to be under the God of gods. And, in order for him to be lord forever, he is going to have to be under the Lord of lords.


No man can be in any more authority than he is under ; seeing there is One Source of authority. He doesn’t mind bringing you into places of authority; in fact, He purposes to do that, so that ‘as He is, so would you be.’ The problem comes when you want to be god independently of Him and show yourself to be god independently of Him.


How many of you really appreciate God as your Savior? How many of you can honestly say that He is your Lord and that you don’t do anything except what He tells you and you don’t speak anything except what He gives you to speak? Until you don’t do anything except what He tells you and you don’t speak anything except what He gives you, aren’t you still declaring some liberty here? See?


You can see that when God talks about bringing a people into captivity, what kind of captivity is He talking about? Where every thought is brought into captivity and every deed is brought into captivity. The thoughts of a good man are ordered by the Lord and ‘the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord’ and the works of a good man are ordered by the Lord; so what sort of man are you if you are not there?


Now enters another problem in the “fix” that God has us in! That problem is that you are, by nature, ‘children of disobedience’. If you want to prove this, tell your child something not to do and then leave them alone. Who had to teach you to be disobedient? You have a disobedient nature! Who gave it to you? God gave you the nature! So, don’t get a “trauma” over the fact that you have the nature; that’s not your problem. The only problem is if you do not want to be changed. You wouldn’t need to be changed if you were already like Him. Right?


When God made man in the created realm, he could not be like God. In order to be like God, you would have to be born of God. ‘Every seed brings forth after its kind.’ Man in his created state—in his earthly form—is not born of God, he’s made by God and formed from the dust of the earth, but he is not born of God.


Since man is made from the earth, he has the nature of what he is coming from. He’s ‘of the earth’ and consequently, he is ‘earthy’. Everything that he does, he is doing it naturally ; therefore, man in his natural state is nothing more than a ‘brute beast’ made to be taken and destroyed. So you can read it in the Book, Genesis chapter 6, God says, ‘It repents Me that I have made man and I will destroy him from the earth.’


You can see that what God is out to do is to destroy you and make you into a whole ‘ new creature’ . To show the difference, He has two men in the program. The first man is the first Adam. What makes man an Adam man is that he is there as a living soul . So the first man, Adam, was made a living soul when ‘God breathed the breath of life’ in him and Adam became a living soul. There is one thing about a living soul; he has a beginning and he has an end. As long as you are in the living soul realm, it’s appointed that you will die; you are not going to escape it. There’s ‘a time to be born and a time to die’ in this living soul realm.


If you are ever going to get out of the temporal realm and get into the eternal realm of life, where you not only ‘have life, but you have it more abundantly’, then there’s only one life that you could ever have that would never end—and it’s His life .


If you ever get saved, what are you saved by? His life . When are you saved? When you are living in His life, which you cannot do unless you are living under His authority . It is impossible to live in His life unless ‘Today, if you will hear His voice’.


You must be in a hearing relationship with Him. It’s God who gives the ‘hearing ear’. You have to see the need for this and you can’t see unless God gives you the ‘seeing eye’; and you can’t understand why it is all this way unless God gives you an ‘understanding heart’. You don’t have this in the natural at all.


The first thing that God has to do is to wake us up to our need ! You never suspect that you are wrong in your analysis of anything and there is nobody that can help you to see it any other way than your way —except God Himself. ‘Unless the Lord build’ this—do the work—‘everybody that labors, labors in vain’.


You can’t even do it yourself. This is not a do-it-yourself project. It’s a surrender-yourself project and to ‘ seek God with your whole heart’.


You were not looking for Him when He found you. You were lost and didn’t even know it. What it means to be “lost” is that you were lost from the relationship with Him that you have to have in order to fulfill the eternal purpose for which He has for you. Even though He starts with us in the temporal , He has an eternal purpose for us and we are going to end up in an eternal destiny that God Himself has already ordained; either eternally with Him, or eternally damned from Him and this is what this is all about.


However, before He brings eternal judgment and settles it for all eternity, we are going to go through a thousand year reign here with Christ before we get to the eternal judgment of God.


Considering this, I want to take you to Exodus where Pharaoh’s army is destroyed by the Red Sea gobbling them up.


You can see that to start things, God is calling out a people to be His people. He has them, in their beginning, in Egypt and I don’t know how much you appreciate Joseph’s ministry there in Egypt, but Joseph was a forerunner to go in there and make a provision for the people to all come into Egypt. So, the beginning family of God finds themselves there multiplying and growing as a people in the ‘womb of Egypt’. So the scripture says, ‘Out of Egypt, have I called My son.’


Egypt is a pattern; you have to understand the pattern. The Bible also says, ‘Where our Lord was crucified, is spiritually known as Sodom and Egypt.’ You need to understand what this is saying to us.


You can see what the issue is; in Egypt they are all under another god, not God. They are under Pharaoh, whom God Himself has raised up to demonstrate His power in dealing with him. So people start out, in the beginning, in captivity.


When they go into Egypt, what did they go in there for? What led them in there? A famine. When it talks about a famine in scripture—this is something that you need to understand—when it’s talking about famine, we’re not talking about a famine of bread and water, we are talking about ‘a famine of hearing the words (voice) of God’.


This famine was in the land of hearing the voice of God; they were not hearing the voice of God, but they were hungering and there was bread in Egypt. What Egypt represents under Pharaoh is the church. Right in the Book, it says the Church is ‘spiritually known as Sodom and Egypt’.


Where does God begin with you being His people? In the Egyptian system, Egypt, and then ‘He’ll call His son out of Egypt’. When the people are in Egypt, who are they actually serving? Pharaoh. This is where God has us in the beginning. We are ‘born in sin, shapen in iniquity’, under another god—under another power.


In the process of time, God is going to awaken you to the fact that you are His people. You have a call on your life and He is going to call you out of that system—that realm of government—where you are serving Pharaoh and not God.


What were they making there? Bricks. Bricks are a type of Christians that are made by doctrinal teachings and they are fashioned by the works of men’s hands. God Himself doesn’t dwell in buildings made with bricks. The substance of those bricks is straw—hay, wood, and stubble. They are all conformed perfectly and as long as they are so perfectly conformed , they can be joined together with slime, but not a true bond of love.


What is the slime? “I love you, brother,” and as soon as you turn your back, you get a knife in it. You call them a “slimy character”. You will be talking nice to them to their face, but behind their back, you are not.


I was with a ministry in the early days of the Charismatic realm and Bob Mumford use to say, “I use to have wings, but the backbiters bit them off!”


If you are a true son of God, you will not lose your wings; you will ‘make God your habitation’ and backbiters cannot affect you. They will only affect themselves. You ‘overcome evil with good’ and don’t let ‘any of those things move you’ out from under the authority of God.


So, we can see that God is picturing for us that you have your captivity under another god, the god of this world. He is going to lead you out of it. Egypt goes beyond just being a type of the world; it’s a type of the religious system where everything that you know and whatever you are involved in is serving another god, not the God of heaven; it’s serving Lucifer. The whole church realm—the woman—is beguiled by the serpent and that whole church realm is under the beguiling work of the serpent.


Interestingly enough, the manchild is born in that woman realm, but in order to actually fulfill the purpose of Him, he has to ‘come out of her’. So, she is going to be saved by the son that comes out of her, not by the sons that marry her. You can see in the beginning that ‘the sons of God married the daughters of men and became giants in the earth’. I think that is the giants in the Promise Land that have to be taken out when the sons come in to take over. And, these are giants—Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, etc. They join you to their doctrine and they “know you” by your doctrine. Sodom is a type of this; as soon as they walked into Sodom, the people of Sodom said, ‘Bring them out, we want to know them.’ How are you known when you walk into any denominational system—into any denominational church? By what you believe.


Why do you want to “know them”? So that you can reproduce life? No, just so you can come into agreement and just have the pleasure of relationship together, but not to reproduce His life. You are there under the ‘letter’ of the word and ‘the letter kills’ that life of God.


This is what God is demonstrating and showing in the pattern of things. ‘These things happened to them for examples unto us’.


So at the end of the age when God was ready to bring a people out of all that and they ‘become a peculiar people’—not wanting relationship or identification with some church, or denomination, or organization, but they just wanted to be His people so that He could be their God. They were willing to line up with Him and bear the reproach because it is the others that have the respect.


God tests the strength of your love for Him. He is going to take you through ‘the trial of your faith’, which means, your faithfulness to Him , to see if you could be brought through anything that could shake or move you from staying connected to Him. If you stay connected to Him, the world is going to love you, right? No. How about the church, is it going to love you? No, it’s going to cast you out and say, ‘Let the Lord be glorified.’


All of that is under the “Pharaoh” of this world—the god of this world. To actually walk with God, you have to ‘come out and be separate’ from that. The fact that He has called you out of that, does not mean that you are going to be His people. It does mean that you are going to be given an opportunity to be His people. You cannot serve God and Pharaoh; you cannot serve two masters, so He has to bring you out from under the one to see if you’ll serve the Other. You are already serving the one.


For you to have the choice as to which master you would rather serve, He is going to have to bring you out from the master that you are under and introduce you to a whole new Master that you have never known and the question is, are you even interested in knowing Him?


This is the real issue; do you really want to know Him? In order to know Him, you are going to have to ‘follow on to know Him’ and you are going to have to ‘take His yoke upon you and learn of Him’ so that He can teach you Himself. Unless He does the teaching, you will never know Him. It is not that you will never know about Him and it isn’t that you won’t have some imagery about Him, but you’ll never know Him ‘as He is’ and you’ll never ‘see Him as He is’ until you are ‘just like Him’.


He calls us out as a “raw product”, from where we are, to fashion us and to bring us forth as a whole ‘new creature’ with a totally different mindset so you can ‘become transformed by the renewing of your mind’ where you are no longer seeking something for yourself, but you are now seeking to know Him !


If you ask people if they have been born again, what do they say? If somebody asked you, “Do you know the Lord?” what would you say? Yes. However, God wants you to understand that you don’t know Him yet, and you are never going to know Him until you ‘follow on to know’. To actually know Him, you are going to have to go through a processing that is going to reveal Him to you. Only He can perform this, and unless He does it, anybody else that tries to do it is ‘laboring in vain’.


If you don’t know Him as He is, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have some concepts about Him. You already have formed imagery in your own mind; you have already come into the realm of ‘vain imagination’. Man left to himself, without God Himself teaching him, will do the same thing; it’s automatic. You will ‘change the glory of the incorruptible God into the image made like unto corruptible man’; it’s just an automatic process. There is no way you can stop yourself from doing that; it’s what you’ll do; it’s the nature of the creature. Then you will show yourself to be god. When you say, “God is like me,” then who are you showing to be god? Yourself.


People will say things like, “When my child disobeys me, I don’t kill them! I love them! God is love, so I can be disobedient to God and the fact that He said, ‘If you sin, you will surely die’, He really didn’t mean that. He loves you too much to let you die.”


So, God has to let you die to find out this is true. Where were you born? Alive or dead? See, you actually have to die so that you learn this is true! You are a people He is dealing with and He made sure that before He even started dealing with you that you are born dead in trespasses and sins. He orchestrated all that in Adam way back in the beginning! That is why He made you as a ‘ living soul’ rather than a ‘life-giving spirit’ , because if you were made a ‘ life-giving spirit’ , you could not die! A living soul can die—‘the soul that sinneth it shall surely die’ and it could not die unless it was alive!


You and I were originally alive or we could not have died in Adam. You have to be alive before you can die! In Adam, we all died. Why? Because you were alive in Adam; when God breathed the breath of life into Adam, he became a living soul; we were all in Adam and we were all alive. God was going to teach us something about this; when the father sinned, ‘the iniquity of the father would be visited on the children’.


So as the seed of Adam, the natural man, you were born dead. This is why you will read in Romans that Paul said, ‘I was alive once, but when the commandment came, sin revived and I died.’ Where was he alive once? In Adam. Where did he die? In Adam. God orchestrated all of that because he wanted our ‘senses exercised to discern’ the difference between life and death; otherwise, you are going to call death, life; and you will call life, death; you will get it upside down.


When Jesus came into the world, He was born in the world to live forever, right? No! This is where Brother Sam (Fife) got into trouble, because all mindset of the church is that Jesus was born in the world to live forever; He never dies. No! Christ was born to die! When Jesus told His disciples about this, what did they say? Good idea? No! What did they say? ‘Be this far from you!’ And, Jesus said, ‘Get behind Me, Satan!’ So, who was speaking through Peter? Satan. Who was in the test? Jesus!


Jesus was in the test. He knew that He couldn’t even let a good brother counsel Him. I’m sure there were a lot of people that would have said, “No, this shouldn’t happen to You. You are a good man and we heard that Christ liveth forever!”


You see, when people are taught by the alternative source of knowledge and wisdom, which is from Lucifer, the serpent and the angel that is the god of this world, they are not taught that you shouldn’t be a Christian; they are just taught what kind of Christian you should be and what you should believe . You become a Christian based on what you believe; it’s all based on knowledge.


Everything that you learn about God, when you are being taught by somebody else, never reveals to you that if you walk with God, ‘no man can see God and live’—it’s going to cost you your life. You cannot see God and live.


For what purpose did you come to God? Did you come to die or to live? It’s a paradox! In reality, you find out that you cannot live forever until you die the right kind of death ! You are not in the right kind of life in the beginning. What life were you in, in the beginning? Whose life do you call it? My life. What life are you in love with? What would you like to do with your life? Terminate it or extend it? Well, it’s according to what kind of circumstances you are in; some people want to terminate it because they think that would be better. Others want to extend their lives. Both are living in hell.


When the wicked man died, where did he go? Hell. Where was he living before he died? In hell. You don’t change where you are just because you die; you just remain where you are. Heaven and hell is not a geographical place. There were two men that died, the beggar Lazarus, and the rich man. One went to Abraham’s bosom and one went to hell. How far apart were they when they each got to their place? Close enough to talk to each other. Is heaven and hell that close together? Yes.


You see, you can be talking to somebody that is in hell while you are in heaven, even rubbing shoulders with them, but there is as much gulf between the two of you as there can be; the difference between night and day. Heaven and hell are not geographical places that you go to; they are the current conditions in which you are living.


Jesus talking to Nicodemus said that He was in heaven right then. Brother Sam came out with a song, “I Walk in the Heavenlies With Jesus” because when you are in the Spirit realm, you are in the heavenly realm. When you are in the earthy realm you are in the natural man realm. You have to be delivered from your earthy way of seeing and understanding things to a spiritual understanding that only God Himself can perform, so that you can be ‘transformed by the renewing of your mind’.


How can you tell when you have your mind renewed? When you get hold of this folks, this is deliverance. ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free’ from all your hang-ups and deceptions; you need to be free from all that. The truth is the only thing that can make you free. You have to get the truth from God; you can only learn it from Him.


‘As a man (actually) thinks in his heart, so is he.’ Now that heart is the spirit part of you. Until God’s Spirit is in your spirit, you do not have the light by which you can see the truth. Once He brings His Spirit into your spirit, the devil is right there to say, “Once saved, always saved; you can’t disconnect anymore! Now the Lord will be with you forever!” No!


The moment His Spirit comes into your spirit, do you know what has happened? ‘You who were dead have just now been quickened.’ Now that you have been quickened, what state have you been brought back to? You have been brought back as a living soul.


Living souls can die! Dead ones are already there; they cannot die! You had to be brought out of the realm of being dead, as a soul; you were born, in the natural, dead, as a soul. You were born in that death of trespasses and sins and you were dead in it. God, at His appointed time, sent His Spirit into you and quickened you —your soul .


That quickening is to bring you out from under the government of the devil and to bring you under the government of God. To foreshadow this, He starts His people under another government in Egypt.


What Egypt would become is the type of the church. It’s the place where ‘our Lord was crucified; spiritually known as Sodom and Egypt’. That was the church in that day. They were under the law, which they received from God through Moses. God had them there as a people of God in that covenant relationship through a mediator, Moses, in a secondhand relationship with God.


Moses could come into the presence of God to get His word and bring it back to the people; he was the mediator. He was doing what we call “Shuttle Diplomacy” because he was representing God and what God had to say to the people.


Why do you need a mediator between two parties? Because you are not on personal speaking terms. If you were actually on a speaking term with a party, you wouldn’t need a mediator; you would just talk to them face to face.


This is where we begin in a relationship with God, where we are in captivity to another god, not Him. You are serving another god, not Him, and He is going to send His Spirit and He is going to set the captive free. He is going to bring you by the Spirit to Himself .


You get this pattern as they are coming out of Egypt. The whole time that God was working the miracles in Egypt by Moses, to persuade Pharaoh , He is working with the god of this world , to say, ‘Let my people go!’ The god of this world was using every resistance that he could come up with to resist this matter. God had ordained this resistance! God said, ‘I’m going to stiffen his neck so I can demonstrate My power in dealing with him.”


Why did He want to do that? Why did He want to have His people, who He was calling out, to see Him demonstrate how He deals with somebody that is so stiff-necked and stubborn that they won’t hear His voice? Why would He do that? The first thing He says to them when He got them out of there was, ‘Now remember what I did to Pharaoh!’


Why do you need to remember that? God loves me, doesn’t He? Why should I have to worry about that? You find that anything God does in the former time is for your learning— your benefit—who is in the end of time. ‘These things happened unto them for examples unto us upon whom the ends of the ages has come.’


God wants you to see what He does and how He handles someone that is very stubborn and stiff-necked. Now why would He want to do that? Why would He want to demonstrate that on somebody else? It wouldn’t apply to you, would it? Yes!


Do you know what? You are by nature ‘children of disobedience’ . Why did He do that? Why didn’t He just make us by nature, obedient ? He wanted to demonstrate to us the two options that are going to be before us: ‘hear and obey’; or ‘go your own way’.


What do you have a mindset to do? What do all want to do? ‘Go your own way’. When you go your own way, wouldn’t you like to have God go with you? Yes. But, you see that is not going to happen because He said, ‘My way is not your way.’ And then He said something else that you really need to hear, ‘And I don’t change.’


So, are you ever going to talk Him into going with you? Can you have a relationship with Him while you are going your own way? No. ‘All we, like sheep, have gone our own way.’ And yet, you claim to be His people and He to be your God. Could that be true? No, the evidence is to the contrary.


The truth is not established by what you say . ‘A child is known by his doings .’ So, the Lord would say, “There are plenty that say , but they just don’t do .” Believe me, this is the difference between those that are the hearers of the words and those that are the doers of the word. Who is going to get the prize, the hearers or the doers? The doers. ‘So if you know these things, happy are you if you do them.’ This is where the “rubber meets the road”.


So now, once He tells you what He wants you to do and you are stiff-necked and rebellious and you don’t do it, what is going to happen even though you are His people? You are going to be cut off and die . Now you are not just going to be dead, you are going to be ‘ twice dead , plucked up by the roots ’, eternally damned from God. This is not a temporal thing; this is an eternal thing and therefore it carries an ‘ eternal weight of glory’.


There is truth and there are consequences! God is good enough to show us the consequences before He ever starts you in the trial. He shows it with Pharaoh, whom He raised for the very purpose of demonstrating His wrath and judgment and how He will destroy him who is stiff-necked and rebellious.


When you saw Him deal like that with an enemy, what did you think? When you read the book of Exodus, as soon as that Red Sea swallows them up, I want you to see something. What did they have plenty of in Egypt? Bread; they had plenty of bread in Egypt! This is why Abraham actually journeyed down into Egypt because there was a famine in the land and there was plenty of bread down there.


Joseph brought his family into Egypt and Pharaoh accommodated them coming into Egypt before God was going to be leading them out later. They came in there with 70 or 75 people and how many people were they when they came out? A million or two—quite a number of people! Do you know what Joseph did when he brought the family in? He sold their souls to Egypt for the bread. Pharaoh owned every one of them. That is what you do when you go to a denominational church and you lock onto their doctrine; you are selling your soul for their bread and you think your salvation is based on what you believe.


If you are actually going to walk with God, you are going to have to come outside all the “camps” of all religion and come under ‘His yoke and learn of Him’ and eat the bread that He gives you and you are going to love it. It’s called the ‘bread of adversity’. It’s not going to be like the bread you got in Egypt that tells you that you’re wonderful; God loves you and can’t live without you. No, you are now going to enter a ‘trial of your faith’ where God is going to be in relation to you more like an enemy than a friend.


You can see when Paul is there speaking to the Jews that came out of Egypt and telling them what the truth was, he said, ‘Am I your enemy because I have told you the truth?’ When you meet God and you are still in your way and your mindset of thinking , do you meet Him as a friend or an enemy? An enemy; therefore, the first thing you need to do is make peace with Him. ‘While you were yet enemies, Christ died for you.’


What made you enemies? By ‘wicked works in your mind’; your own mindset; your own thought about things. ‘God’s ways are not my ways and God’s thoughts are not my thoughts’; they are all contrary.


While you were yet enemies, God had Jesus die to reconcile you back to God, because Adam sold you out; the last Adam redeemed you back so that you could have the choice in your hand as to whether you are going to hear God or not . Whether you are going to serve Him or Pharaoh, the god of this world.


Where do you get to have your way? With Pharaoh. The devil comes along and says, “You ought to have it your way.” We say, “Wow! I agree! I think you are right!” So now, ‘two can walk together if they be agreed’.


God comes along and says, “I guarantee you one thing, My way is not your way and if you are going to go with Me, you are going to have to ‘ deny yourself’ .’ Now, which one would you rather walk with; someone who is going to take you in a way you would not go, or the way you would go?


Why would you ever change your mind and say, “You know, I think I would be better off in going His way than mine”? There would only be one reason you would change your mind and that is if you could see the end from the beginning. ‘Without a vision, people perish’; you will ‘cast off restraint’; you will not stay under His yoke. God has to give you the vision so that you can see it.


When you can, go back and read the history of this and how the people responded to Moses who came in to ‘set the captives free’. They complained about it the whole time. They said, “Moses, you are getting us into more trouble than you are getting us out of.” They murmured and complained the whole time; they never were thankful about what was going on at all!


God goes ahead with His plan to bring them out anyway and it wasn’t until they saw the Red Sea swallow up Pharaoh that they actually made a statement, for the first time, that was showing some appreciation for what was happening.


Exodus 14:26-31 ‘And the Lord said unto Moses, “Stretch out thine hand over the sea, that the waters may come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots, and upon their horsemen.” And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to his strength when the morning appeared; and the Egyptians fled against it; and the Lord overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea. And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them. But the children of Israel walked upon dry land in the midst of the sea; and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left. Thus the Lord saved Israel that day (now here is the first act of salvation) out of the hand of the Egyptians; and Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore. (So, He is going to be an enemy to their enemies and He has fought the battle for them.) And Israel saw that great work (now notice this) which the Lord did upon the Egyptians: and the people feared the Lord, and believed the Lord, and His servant Moses.’

This is the first time this is stated. When did they fear God? ‘The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.’ When did they actually fear God? When they saw what He did to Pharaoh!


Now let’s pick it up again:


Exodus 15:1- 2 ‘Then sang Moses and the children of Israel this song unto the Lord, and spake, saying, I will sing unto the Lord, for He hath triumphed gloriously: the horse and his rider hath He thrown into the sea. The Lord is my strength and song, and He is become my salvation: He is my God, and I will prepare Him an habitation ; my father’s God, and I will exalt Him.

How did they know to say that? How did they know that God needed a habitation? You see, the whole purpose of God bringing them out of Egypt was to build them together as an ‘ holy habitation’ for Himself. You were made by Him and for Him. What were you to be? His habitation . In order for you to be His habitation, what has to be your habitation? Him ! He said, ‘ If you will abide in Me , I will abide in you .’ Is that conditional? Yes.


Now here comes a problem; ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.’ You can use the liberty to go right back in your own way. ‘All we like sheep go astray; going back to our own way.’ Now we are out here in the conflict and under the curse of God because ‘cursed is man who trusts in man’ and takes his own way. You are out there under the curse of God with all the diseases and all the sicknesses and what do you start doing? Crying unto God saying, “Please deliver me! Please heal me!”


So what you want is His benefits, but not Him . God will test Moses with this later. God said, “Rise up, Moses, take the people on into the Promise Land, but I’m not going with you because you are a rebellious and stiff-necked people and if you rebel in My presence, I’ll have to destroy you; so, for your own safety, I am holding Myself back. I’ll send the provision ahead; I’ll send My angels. They will gather all the enemies out of the Land; you won’t have to worry about that. I’ll send the provision, you just take them on in, but I’m not going with you because you are a rebellious and stiff-necked people and the moment you rebel in My presence, you are dead. So for your safety, I’m staying back.”


And what did Moses say? “God, I don’t want Your provision if I can’t have Your presence . Don’t even take us in there unless You are going to go with us.”


Will God give you His provision and withhold His presence? Sure. Would you be satisfied with just His provision? That is what He is trying to find out. We’ll see.


Do you want Him or what He can give you? Do you want His provision or His presence?


We have to get awake to what the truth is and start ‘worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth’. You need to examine your own self and know what you are after! Are you after provision for your own life or a whole ‘newness of life’ where things are not going to go your way— guaranteed! He’s going to take you in a way that you would not go; in way that you don’t even know! And He’s not going to tell you ahead of time. He is going to “breadcrumb” you in all the way; one day at a time. And, today’s bread won’t work tomorrow. You have to have a new provision every day, so ‘today is the day of salvation if you will hear His voice’ . It has to be a current , ongoing relationship.


Most people are waiting to die so that they can go be with the Lord. If you are not with the Lord now, when you die, you will not be with Him then. ‘For where a tree falls, there will it lie.’ So, if you are going to die, you better make sure you die in Him and you will be the first to be raised with the dead. ‘The dead in Christ shall rise first.’


You are either going to die in Him , or you are going to die outside of Him. ‘It’s appointed unto us once to die.’ If you die in Him you are going to inherit the life of God where you cannot die anymore. You will not only be alive, you will be alive forevermore! You do not have that life coming because Jesus died for you ; you get that because you died for Him. ‘I no longer live, that His life might live in me.’


Either I live, or He lives, but there is not room for both of us in the Kingdom of God. I can only live in the Kingdom if I am ‘as He is’. He did not come to be as I am. We like to come to the Lord, “Just as I am without one plea; I’ll accept You if You accept me.” I don’t think it’s going to work! It won’t work! It won’t work!


No, you have to become a whole ‘new creature’. What’s going to happen to what you are now? It’s going to totally pass away. It’s not a matter of trying to repair or fix up what you are now; it’s a matter of getting rid of it! Get rid of it and become a whole ‘new creature’!


God said, “It’s repented Me that I made man and I’m going to fix him up”? No, He said, “I’m going to destroy him from the face of the earth and I’m going to bring forth a whole ‘new creature’.”


‘If any man be in Christ, he is a (whole) ‘new creature’. All the old things have passed away.’


Hallelujah! Can you say, “Amen”? Is this good?


Do you know that the biggest problem you have is you ? You ought to get up in the morning and look in the mirror and say, “I’ll be glad when you are dead and gone, you rascal you!” Unless you hate your life, you’ll never lay hold of His! As long as you look in the mirror and fix yourself up and say, “Hey! You don’t look too bad,” you’ll never go after His life!


I have always liked John Hinson’s story; he said when a baby is born and you look through the nursery window you say, “He’s kind of ugly isn’t he?” Then when he gets a little older you say, “Look at that little devil.” Then he goes to school and he starts to have a relationship with a girl and they say, “Boy, I sure don’t see what she sees in him.” Finally, the guy dies and everybody is passing by the coffin and they say, “Doesn’t he look good?” This is the first time the man gets anything good said about him! When he’s dead!


I think God says, “Yes, you cannot live and be good.” Is there any such thing as a good man? There is ‘none good but God’.


When Jesus was here ‘in fashion as a man’, was He good? He said, ‘Why do you call Me good? There is none good but One, that is God.’ You can’t be good unless you are ‘ as He is’ . Jesus was not here in the form of God; He was here in the form of man. When He found Himself ‘in fashion as a man’, then ‘He took upon Himself the form of a servant’, not God. But, man is showing himself to be god.


You destroy a lot of people’s concepts when you tell them that Jesus was evil when He was here on earth. If He had done anything of Himself, it would have been evil . He had to cry unto God to save Him from doing any evil and ‘He was heard in that He feared God’. What was the evidence that He feared God? He heard the Father’s voice. ‘The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.’


What was He afraid of? God had said, “If you sin, you are dead, ‘ the soul that sins will surely die’, ” and the only thing He knew to do of Himself was sin . To do evil, He knew; but to do good, He did not know. He even constantly reminded Himself and those around Him, ‘The son of man can do nothing of Himself.’


He wasn’t even made Lord or Christ until He was resurrected. Now, He is a whole ‘new creature’ and good and is able to save you because He has become the ‘first partaker of the fruit’. ‘Those that labor must be the first partaker of the fruit.’


You can’t help somebody else get to where you are not , until you are where they need to be. Where He is, there I want to be, also. To get there, I have to get there the same way He went. I don’t get there because He bought the ticket for me. I only get there by going the way He went. He gave us the Spirit to enable us to do what He did .


As long as Jesus stayed under the covering of the Spirit, you never saw the ‘nakedness’ of Jesus. He never did any evil; as far as you could tell, He never had an evil thought because He kept His ‘mind stayed on the Lord’. However, was He ever tempted to do evil? Yes. Could you be tempted to do something that you don’t have any desire for? No. Could He be tempted with sin? Yes. Can God be tempted with sin? No. Then Jesus was not here as God.


The life that you saw in Jesus was not His own, it was the Father’s. He said, ‘Believe Me, I am in the Father and the Father is in Me. If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.’


How do you recognize God? By the life; by the fact that you do not sin. Did you know that the same thing being done by—‘two grinding at the mill’, ‘two working in the field’, ‘two lying in bed’—that one can be in sin and the other one in righteousness? What’s the difference? It’s not what they are doing; it is under whose authority they are doing it. ‘The steps and the works of a good man are ordered by God.


Did Jesus walk as a good man while He was here? Yes, He did. Was He good? No. The rich, young ruler saw him walking as a good man and ran up to Him and said, ‘Good Master, what good thing must I do to inherit everlasting life?” Jesus right away said, ‘Don’t call Me good!’ Why wouldn’t He accept being called “good”; wasn’t He walking as a good man? Not of Himself; ‘the steps of a good man are ordered by God.’ So, was He bearing witness of Himself? No.


Jesus was in the same state as Adam was; He was the ‘last Adam’. If He had ever come out from under that covering of being in His Father, ‘the shame of His nakedness would have been revealed’ and that didn’t happen until He was hanging on the cross when He was made sin for us.


That is what tricked the devil because he knew that Jesus could not die unless he exercised his power over Him. The devil had the power of death over all men. The devil got that power in Adam.


However, Jesus had come in as another man; He is the ‘second man’, but He came in as the same state as the first man—as a living soul. Only as a living soul can you die. You have to be ‘obedient unto death’. ‘There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend’—that you would lay down your individual life that His life might live in you. 


You can see what happened in the beginning; God showed that the firstborn in the house would slay the second born so that he could live and put the other one out. Now that choice, Ladies and Gentlemen, is in your hand; ‘choose you this day’ who you will put to death and who you will let live. If He is going to live, I have to ‘ die daily ’ and if I am going to live then He can no longer live in me. This house is not big enough for both of us. Either I have to lay down my life so that His can live in it, or I have to go ahead and put His life out so that I can live mine. You can crucify unto yourself the Lord of glory all over again because you are more insistent on living in your life than His. What are you saved by? His life! Then it is not by saving your life, is it? It is saving your soul .


Your soul is only a living soul when it is alive in His life. Therefore, the soul that sins, loses that life and consequently you don’t even know when it happens. The light in you goes out and what happens is the devil is immediately there to flip it all upside down. ‘The way of the wicked is upside down’ and now you call light, darkness and you call darkness, light; you call evil, good and you call good, evil. You cannot make a right judgment in the matter unless you are taught by God . It is not in you to know. ‘Cursed is man that trusts in man.’ You are under the curse of God when you trust in yourself to know.


Right now, you have a choice of abiding in Christ. When Jesus was here, He had a choice; He could abide in the life, which Christ is—Christ is the Father’s life. Christ is a ‘life-giving spirit’ now. God is a life-giving spirit. When you are abiding in God’s life, you are in Christ and ‘if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature’. You get a whole different mindset about things; this gives you light and you see things totally in a different light that delivers you from seeking your own.


What most people come to God for is to get their own life saved. You cannot be saved in your life; what can you be saved by? His life. When are you saved? When are we actually saved? If you are saved by His life, when are you actually saved? When you are living in His life! So, ‘ today is the day of salvation, if you will hear His voice’ and live in His life! Now, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me! And now, I am experiencing a whole ‘newness of life’!


This is why Jesus came; not that we would have a new religion, but that we would have another life! It is the devil that has come up with all the religions. The ‘woman is beguiled by the serpent’ and that is where all religion is; it is in the realm of the serpent. You have to ‘come out of her that you be not partaker of her plagues’. You can read it in the Bible, she is the cage of every foul spirit and every hateful bird. All the blood of the true sons of God is in her. She is the one who has been under the power of the devil and consequently is the ‘synagogue of Satan’ and not of God.


This is going to be a rude awakening when the whole world wakes up to this and it is just about to do that. God is just about to cause the light to come that is going to wake them all up to the truth. Right now, the church system is already in the plagues and is totally destroyed out there; whether you see it yet, or not, it’s already done. That is why God says, ‘Come out of her, My people!’


All of those people that she thinks she has saved, she hasn’t saved anybody. Not a one! Jesus foreshadows this by a little demonstration of something that is there in the New Testament. When Jesus is resurrected and is standing along the shoreline, what had His disciples been doing all night? Fishing. Because the Light was gone and they were in darkness, what did they do? Went fishing. Do you know what that represents? Evangelism. ‘The gospel is like a net cast into the sea’ and it brings in all kinds. They had been fishing all night and Jesus said, “How have you been making out, guys?” And the disciples replied, “We’ve toiled all night and taken nothing.” That is what the church-age is going to wake up to, “We’ve toiled all night and taken nothing.”


But at His word —now get hold of this one—He said, “Put the net on the right side of the boat.” They did and they drew it in and how many fish did they get? One hundred and fifty-three. Why bother to count them? Why would you sit down and count them? Why would it be recorded in the Bible that they caught 153? In the Greek and in Hebrew, the letters of the alphabet have a number, so every word has a numerical value. Every sentence would have a numerical value; every phrase would have a numerical value. The phrase, “the sons of God”, in the Greek has a sum equal to the number 153. So, ‘The whole creation is groaning and travailing in the bondage of corruption, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God .’ That is the only harvest that is coming out of this age.


The sons of God are not perfected in her—the church system of religion. You have to ‘ come out of her ’ and go on to perfection. She will be saved by the child that comes out of her. She thinks that she has saved the child. No. She is going to find out she needs to be saved and she is going to be saved by this child; because, that child is going to grow up to be a perfect man , which is the ‘ head of the woman ’.


This is the mystery of God’s will and plan that has been reserved until these days before God would reveal it. It’s the ‘mystery that was ready to be revealed in the last days ’. Now God is beginning to unveil this mystery. None of us had seen this coming down the pike like we are seeing it now.


We are at a time of God revealing this great ‘mystery of the man and the maid’, which Brother Sam got hold of. I tell you, there is another great mystery in this Book that Solomon, himself, did not even understand; it’s called the ‘mystery of the way of the serpent upon the rock’. How could Lucifer, the serpent, have his way upon the rock, Jesus, and put Him away in the grave? Because, it was all according to the ‘determinate counsel and wisdom of God’. It was appointed unto the Son of Man that He must die and then be resurrected again.


In the resurrection , He would be born of God again. He would be regenerated because it would be the second time He was born of God. He was the ‘firstborn of every creature’ and He is ‘the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He might have the preeminence’.


What a mighty God we serve! And of all the peoples of the earth, He is calling us out of all the places we have been scattered and bringing us into a place like this and opening up ‘the mystery of His will’ that you might read, correctly , the vision. ‘Write the vision and make it plain, that they might run that read it.’


As soon as God brings Israel out, and they are saying for the first time, “Hallelujah, God is our Savior!” What is the next thing on the program? God says, “Let’s see. We’ll find out if I am your Savior.”


What is the first thing that He tells Moses when he gets to Mt. Sinai? God said, “Tell the people, ‘Remember what I did to Pharaoh’.” Why would He want me to remember that? To put the fear of God in me; that is why. Now the question is, will you hear His voice?


He brought them out of Egypt not because they were hearing His voice; they were complaining about it the whole time. It was God’s idea to bring them out; that was His program.


No matter what condition you have been in the past or are currently in now, ‘ Today is the day of salvation, if you will hear His voice’ . If you can hear His voice, He is the one who has given you the hearing ear. It is better that you do not hear it, than if you hear it and don’t do it.


He is not waking up everybody at this time. Now that he is waking you up, and you can actually hear His voice, you are in worse jeopardy than if you could not hear. Now it is better that you did not know than if you know, and you do not do . ‘To him who is given much, much is required.’


This is no Sunday School “picnic”. This is not you being excused from the warfare. This is you getting the armor of God, like Jesus had, and the power of the Spirit, like He had, so you can become an overcomer, like He was, and win Christ !


It is not a matter of being a soul winner; it’s a matter of becoming a Christ winner! I’m not trying to win others to Christ ; I’m trying to win Christ , first!


Once I get in a place of being a partaker of Christ, then I’ll be part of the sonship company that ‘the whole creation is groaning and travailing and waiting for the manifestation of’, who is going to deliver the whole thing ‘from the bondage of corruption and bring it all into the liberty of the children of God’. This is when God brings His kingdom in and ‘His will is done’, right here in the earth, the same ‘as it is in heaven’.


There will be a thousand year reign of that (His will being done on earth). That is when the woman of the church will be saved; she is saved by the child that comes out of her and these sons of God become the government over her during the millennial reign. She is not ready for the marriage until after the millennial reign is over.


This is why, at this point, we find ourselves as a peculiar people, not many in number, only a kind of first fruits of His creatures’. He is going to have a lot more down the line.


Since you are going to be a part of Christ—this is what you are called to be now—to ‘grow up into the stature of the fullness of Christ’ that you might become part of the deliverance team that is going to ‘deliver the whole creation’. ‘The husbandman that labors must be the first partaker of the fruit.’


You have to give how much ‘diligence to make this calling and election sure’? How much? All . Does it have that priority in your life? Are you seeking Him with your whole heart?


I have a few more lines that I feel are important since it involves your call and your eternal destiny and it is in your hands as to whether you are going to make it sure or whether you will let it slip out.


I think the ones who will be ‘wailing and gnashing their teeth’ when He comes are the ones who had the opportunity to apprehend it and they failed to do it; they let it slip right out of their hands because they gave something else priority in their own lives rather than this being number one.


I would not even bother to do this unless I felt that you are the people that God is calling. It would be pointless to try to share this with somebody that does not have this call on his or her life.


This is what I see God is doing now; He is bringing in a remnant of people who He is getting ready for His second return, because when He comes this time, He is not coming outside . The whole church is looking for Him out in the sky. He is coming where? He is coming inside ! He has got to have a people who are prepared for this! The house has to ‘be made ready’ before He is going to occupy it!


When He came to be crucified, He had to do that “outside” so He could redeem you to God and He could build you together as an ‘holy habitation’ for Him. He had to bring you up from being dead stones to being living (‘lively’) stones built together for an ‘holy habitation’ of God. This is why ‘the blessing is in the cluster’ as you become perfectly joined by the Spirit.


The Spirit is a ‘Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.’ Love is a perfect bond; that is not slime! When you build with bricks, it’s slime. When you build with living stones, it’s love. What the whole world is going to see in these living stones is how these saints ‘love one another’ .


Jesus said, “Father, when they see that love, they are going to know that You sent Me.” He is coming to be revealed in you to the rest of the world. Think about this. This is called the ‘high calling of God in Christ Jesus’.


How interested are you in becoming a part of this? He calls many and out of the ‘many who are called’, how many actually ‘make the calling and election sure’? Few. How much diligence do you have to give to it to ‘make it sure’? All! How much is that? It has to become first priority in your life and you have to ‘keep pressing toward that mark’.


As soon as God got His people out to Mt. Sinai, let’s read the first thing He said to them is:


Exodus 19:3- 4(a) ‘And Moses went up unto God, and the Lord called unto him out of the mountain, saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel; Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians,’

Why would He mention that? That ‘happened unto them as an example unto you upon whom the end of the ages has come’.


Exodus 19:4-5 ‘Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.’ (I drew you to Myself by the Spirit—brought you on eagle’s wings.) Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed , and keep My covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto Me above all people: for all the earth is mine:’

I am leading you up to something that I want you to notice. Did they have bread in Egypt? Yes, they did. God was going to teach them, ‘You don’t live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God’.


Now, therefore, the critical thing is, will you hear His voice ? You can’t be just satisfied by reading scriptures and being taught about all of this. Will you hear His voice? That is the critical thing! You cannot be His people just because you were called to be His people and just because you were delivered out of Egypt to be His people. You are not going to be His people unless you hear His voice!


‘My sheep hear My voice and the voice of another, they will not hear.’ Now that is the test!


How did the people respond to this? When they were in Egypt, why did they go there in the first place? There was a ‘ famine of hearing the voice of God’. They settled for bread alone because in Egypt there was plenty of bread. They went down into Egypt because there was a ‘famine of hearing the voice of God’ and they went for bread .


What does this mean? If you do not keep a hearing relationship with God, you will go back to a Book relationship with God, rather than a hearing relationship with God. You will be worshipping God in the ‘ letter’ of the word rather than in the Spirit . ‘Those that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.’


Therefore, you will end up ‘in the form of God’, but you will be ‘denying His power’ over you. How can you deny His power over you and be a manifestation of His kingdom coming in the earth? What God is now about ready to do is bring His kingdom in with ‘ great power and great glory’!


You are called to be the living stones built together that make up the house of God in whom He shall be glorified! The ‘glory of this latter house’ is going to exceed anything the world has ever seen!


Ready or not, here He comes! Therefore, ‘ be ye ready’ ! What does it take to ‘be ready’? Hear His voice. You can only be ready if ‘Today, if you will hear His voice.’


If you are not in that hearing relationship —if you are not hearing His voice—you better call on Him because He is the one who gives you the hearing ear, the seeing eye, and the understanding heart.


When they went into Egypt, they had plenty of bread. They got out into the wilderness at Mt. Sinai and they said, ‘No man can hear God’s voice and live.’ You see, when you love yourself, what is it about yourself that you love so much? Your life . A man will give all that he has for his life. Your life is the most valuable thing that you have.


What is the greatest evidence of love? You will lay down your life so another can live. God can only live in you, if you no longer live. And now, for you ‘to live is Christ and to die is gain’. This is where we are! If you are ‘planted in the likeness of His death , you will be raised in the likeness of His resurrection’ . You will not only be alive, you will be alive forevermore!


If you notice when they went into Egypt, the only thing they had available was bread. When God led them out into the wilderness, they were out there for 40 years for God to teach them that they ‘do not live by bread alone’. All they wanted was the bread. They said, “Moses, you go hear His voice and then bring His word back to us.” God fed them out there with that ‘manna from heaven’—through Moses—and they ate that bread and ‘ are dead’ (John 6:58). In other words, what is the bread ? It’s the ‘letter’ of the word . They ate that bread and ‘are dead’.


What bread is it, that if you eat it, you will never die? Is there bread that you can actually eat and never die? Can you get it from Moses? Who do you have to get it from? Christ! What is your bread then? ‘ My meat is to do His will.’ In order to do His will, I have to ‘ deny myself ’ and no longer seek my own , but the things of God.


In Egypt, they only had bread. In the wilderness, after God led them out, they only had bread. So do you know what happened to them? They died. Has God led you out so that you can just die in the wilderness or do you want to come into the Promise Land?


Something else you will notice is, in Egypt, they watered their crops by pumping the water up out of the ground with their feet. But the land where ‘the Lord thy God leadeth thee’ does not get watered that way. This land drinks the water that is the ‘rain from heaven’ , which God Himself must provide. ‘You don’t live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds forth out of the mouth of God.’


You had to hear His voice to have a beginning relationship with Him and you now have to hear His voice today if you are going to live in the salvation that you are working out together with Him.


You live in the life of this ‘so great salvation’ by ‘every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God’; not by you getting it from a mediator or a preacher, or out of a book, or the Bible, but by you, yourself , being taught by the Lord.


You must ‘take His yoke upon you and learn of Him’. Therefore, ‘all the children shall be taught of the Lord’. Now is the time; now is the day; ‘Today, if you will hear His voice.’ You do not live ‘by bread alone’.


All you get from us on the platform (behind the pulpit) is bread unless you are getting it by the Spirit .


As we come together for our ministry meetings to consider what the Lord would have us to do and how He would have us to do it, I have always tried to impress the ministries to remember that they are not there to teach the people what to do; you are there to be the voice of God to them. It does not say, “My sheep will become perfect by what they are taught by any man.” No, it says, ‘You have no need that any man teach you.’


How are you going to become perfect? You can’t do it by man’s teaching; you can’t do it by the woman’s teaching; you can’t do it by angel’s teaching; ‘ all the children will be taught of the Father .’ Therefore, you must ‘take His yoke upon you and learn of Him’ and ‘become a first partaker of the fruit’.


How do you become a partaker of the fruit? “If you hear My voice,” Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me. The voice of another they do not hear.”


As we are ministers on this platform (behind this pulpit), ministering to you who are ‘the sheep of His pasture’, don’t hear anything , don’t receive anything , don’t believe anything that we preach or teach unless God makes it real to you. He will confirm the word of His prophet in the ears of His sheep. ‘ My sheep hear My voice and the voice of another they will not hear.’


Go practice these things now! If you know these things, happy are you if you do them! Amen!

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